Trust Nationwide for Fire Department and Police Station Security Systems in CT and RI

Nothing is more important than protecting those who protect our communities. At Nationwide Security Corporation, we provide police and firemen with high-tech, dependable, and specialized security systems to keep their government facilities in CT and RI safe.

Our integrated police station and fire department security systems combine the power of technology with advanced features to ensure reliable protection of the people who are paramount to the community. Additionally, Nationwide is proud to back up all of our fire department and police station security systems with our award-winning Central Command Station, further cementing our place as a top security provider in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

We Offer Comprehensive Access Control

It has never been more important for police stations and fire departments to be equipped with thorough and dependable access control. Our security access control for government facilities begins with the basics: alarms on every entry point and control of who is allowed to enter the building and when they are allowed to enter. We also provide complete perimeter security, which includes turnstiles and metal detectors.

We Provide Integrated Police Station and Fire Department Security Systems

There is no safety measure too small and no precaution too big when it comes to protecting the brave men and women who work at the police station or fire department. That’s why we offer fully integrated commercial security systems in RI and CT to ensure that every aspect of the government facility is covered. This includes the access control and burglar protection mentioned above, as well as fire prevention systems, intercoms, surveillance cameras, and more. We customize security systems as needed, and each can be controlled whether you are at the station, responding to a call, or are off duty. Contact us for a free quote on fire department and police station security systems.

Call Now for an In-depth Consultation from One of Our Police and Fire Department Security System Experts

If you are ready to upgrade your fire department or police station, contact Nationwide Security Corporation today. Our commercial security system experts will fully evaluate your station and determine a custom security system to will provide your government facility with the level of protection you desire. Once the system is installed, depend on our state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning command center to help eliminate threats.

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