Fire Protection Systems

Nationwide Security has a dedicated team that designs, installs, maintains, tests, and monitors life safety systems.  Our fire alarm systems utilize advanced detection that ensures fast response to fire conditions while eliminating nuisance alarms.  These systems notify building occupants and operators of the threat of fire at the first sign of danger, so that evacuation procedures can commence promptly.  Combination Fire Alarm / Mass Notification Systems broadcast voice messages to notify occupants of fire, weather, and security emergencies.

Our award winning Central Monitoring Station monitors all client fire alarm systems 24/7, and in the event of an emergency, the fire alarm system reports activity immediately to our team who relay information to emergency responders.  Our robust systems help control the spread of smoke and fire to limit damages and protect lives.

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Our life safety systems are custom designed to meet your needs along with applicable codes and standards.  We use the most advanced and reliable components to ensure you have the right system to protect your people and assets.  Our life safety team is dedicated to make certain you have a system, along with a response plan, to match your needs.  Our installation and service team will provide a reliable and nuisance free system you can trust.

Nationwide Security offers the most advanced detection and can provide reliable early warning smoke detection in areas that previously could not be detected by traditional detectors.  Our systems are designed to control smoke, shut down air handlers and close fire doors.  Our most advanced systems include full smoke control and offers a Firefighters Smoke Control Interface providing first responders control for safe evacuation.

Our Mass Notification Systems can provide automatic and manually controlled prerecorded digital voice messaging.  The messaging along with live aging will provide your people with the information they need to stay safe during an emergency.  Digital signage, text, messaging, and email notifications can be part of a mass notification system further ensuring messages are received by the people who need them during an emergency.

Our state-of-the-art life safety systems have kept countless offices, stores, schools, museums, facilities, worksites and institutional buildings in Connecticut and Rhode Island safe against the hazards of fire.


Potter Authorized ESD (1)

Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to be a certified and trained dealer of Potter and Mircom fire protection and alarm systems. Potter and Mircom provide and service innovative and advanced solutions which are scalable to satisfy any user demands from small and mid-size buildings to some of the world’s largest.


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