Fire Protection Systems

Fire Alarm InstallationNationwide Security designs, installs, maintains, tests and monitors fire alarm systems in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Our automatic fire alarm systems are designed to detect fire early by monitoring minute environmental changes associated with combustion. Automatic fire alarm systems notify building occupants and operators of the threat of fire at the first sign of danger, so that evacuation procedures can commence promptly. Our award-winning Central Monitoring Station monitors all client fire alarm systems 24/7, and in the event of fire detection, the fire alarm system reports activity immediately to our team who relay information to emergency responders. Our robust fire alarm systems help control the spread of smoke and fire to limit damages and protect lives.

Our fire alarm systems design process is tailored to your facility and takes into account building codes as well as insurance and authority requirements. We integrate specific components, programs, and interfaces to meet these goals, using top line products that are specifically manufactured with these concerns and standards in mind.

Nationwide Security fire alarm systems include: a fire alarm control panel that serves as the hub of the system which monitors and relays activity; primary and secondary power supplies; initiating devices such as pull stations, heat detectors, or smoke detectors; notification appliances such as horn/strobes and strobe lights, voice evacuation panels and speakers; and building safety interfaces such door holders and HVAC shutdown that prepare the building for fire and smoke.

Modern fire alarm systems should also integrate with Emergency Communication Systems to streamline evacuation and recovery efforts. A custom fire alarm system from Nationwide Security may utilize communications features such as pre-recorded and manual voice messages, delivered to all or part of a building. New codes and standards introduced by national agencies and authorities also support the need for Mass Notification Systems integration, which provides communication and protocol during elevated situations such as inclement weather emergency, security alerts and amber alerts. Mass Notification System features from Nationwide may include loud speakers, text based digital signage, and a variety of remote notification options including email, text message, RSS feed, or text-to-speech messaging designed to notify large and/or multiple areas.

Our state-of-the-art fire detection and fire alarm systems have kept countless offices, stores, schools, museums, facilities, worksites and institutional buildings in Connecticut and Rhode Island safe against the hazards of fire.

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Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to be a certified and trained dealer of Mircom fire protection and alarm systems.  Mircom provides and services innovative and advanced solutions which are scalable to satisfy any user demands from small and mid-size buildings to some of the world’s largest.

For more information on our fire and life safety systems contact our sales team at 203-785-0300 or contact us online.