FirstNet Cellular Monitoring

As a result of 9/11, in 2012 a law was passed creating the First Responder Network Authority to deploy the FirstNet network throughout the country.  The FirstNet network is a single, interoperable ecosystem dedicated to public safety communications.  This allows public safety devices to get "first-in-line" access, even when there are thousands of other requests coming into the network.  FirstNet provides a faster network experience, penetrates buildings, and covers larger geographic areas.

Due to the criticality of receiving emergency event signals from professionally installed alarm systems for the general public good, FirstNet service is also available to certified alarm companies.  NSC has been certified to be one of these companies and can provide a reliable mechanism to communicate public-safety related alarm signals to our central monitoring station using a FirstNet cellular communicator from our manufacturing partner DMP.


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Public Safety Band Signal Boosters

NSC's Public Safety Band signal booster amplifies FirstNet signals for crucial communications, delivering consistent signal for First Responders and other public safety officials relying on two-way radio communication inside buildings.

In many cases, newly constructed buildings with considerable size, or existing buildings that increase capacity by expanding the building footprint are required to have signal strength of -95 dBm or better.  In buildings requiring signal boosters IFC requires coverage in 95% of every floor of the building.

Our amplifiers meets the code requirements for NFPA 1221 and IFC 510.  They support 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready) and 800 MHZ bands and include a NEMA-4 rated housing.


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Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to be a certified dealer of FirstNet services and to offer FirstNet ready products from our manufacturing partners DMP and Potter.


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