Security for Local, State, and Federal Government Facilities


Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to be one of only three security companies in the State of CT to hold the executive branch State Security Contract, #17PSX0002. Not only does this mean we can provide security systems to State facilities, it also means the pricing structure for the contract can be extended to municipalities and non-profit organizations in the state. Because NSC has already been pre-qualified for the work as a contract holder, municipalities can forego the public bidding process and use the State contract for procurement, saving both time and money.

Nationwide Security Corporation’s portfolio boasts an extensive list of local, state, and federal government buildings.  In the State of Connecticut alone, we have secured:

  • Courthouses
  • Parks
  • Museums
  • Municipal Centers
  • Housing Authorities
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Clinics and Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Governmental Offices
  • Military Posts

Protecting Assets and Data with Gallagher

Gallagher offers customizable access control solutions that are seamlessly integrated to meet the specific security and operational needs of your facility. Their comprehensive system allows organizations to efficiently manage multiple access points, mitigating risks, enhancing efficiency, and ensure continuous operations.

Key Features:

  1. Door and Zone Entry Rules: Set specific rules to govern access to doors and designated zones, providing granular control over who can enter and when.
  2. Access Point Monitoring: Gain real-time visibility into the whereabouts, timing, and purpose of individuals on your premises, enabling comprehensive site monitoring.
  3. Integration with HR Systems: Seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems to synchronize clearance levels, credentials, inductions, permits, licenses, and other critical information, enabling proactive site access management.
  4. Competency Management: Define competency requirements for cardholders, ensuring that individuals possess the necessary skills and qualifications for accessing specific areas.
  5. Compliance Enforcement: Automatically enforce business health and safety policies and comply with government regulations, mitigating compliance risks.
  6. Visitor Management: Welcome, manage, and regulate visitor access, ensuring compliance with duty of care obligations and health and safety protocols.
  7. Emergency Management: Respond swiftly to emergencies with a reliable and effective emergency management system, including lockdown capabilities and instant alerts.
  8. Smart Facilities Management: Control various facility outputs such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning based on occupants' presence, optimizing energy consumption and enhancing operational efficiency.
  9. Intruder Alarm Management: Seamlessly manage intruder alarms, with the option to hand over monitoring to dedicated alarm monitoring stations.

Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to partner with Gallagher for a flexible, intelligent, and comprehensive access control solution that empowers Cutlural Properties to protect assets and maintain a secure and efficient environment.

Safety and Security

Experience peace of mind with Nationwide Security Solutions partnerships with leading technology partners that empower operators to swiftly and effectively respond to critical events such as fires or active shooter threats. These comprehensive systems ensure the safety and security of your site, keeping people protected at all times.

Key Features:

  1. Qualified Access Control: Grant access based on HR information, ensuring that individuals are only allowed in areas they are qualified to be in.
  2. Instant Incident Notification: Secure your site rapidly by triggering notifications to staff with a simple push of a button, alerting them to any incidents.
  3. Real-time Risk Identification: Identify, locate, and respond to potential risks in real-time, enabling swift and accurate responses to maintain a safe environment.
  4. Visitor and Contractor Safety: Create an environment that is both open and secure, providing safety measures for visitors and contractors on-site.

Optimize Facility Utilization:

Efficiently manage your distributed site with multiple buildings and diverse requirements using Gallagher Command Centre, our powerful software that forms the core of our integrated security solutions.

Key Features:

  1. Cost Optimization: Reduce operational costs, energy consumption, and utility expenses by leveraging integrated security solutions.
  2. Centralized Car Parking Management: Streamline car parking operations through a single central system for improved efficiency.
  3. Automated Enrollment and Access: Distribute access cards or mobile app credentials prior to enrollment, allowing students to gain automatic access upon arrival.
  4. Simplified Administration: Ease administrative burdens with automated and customizable reporting, simplifying management tasks.

Mitigate Cyber Risks:

Protect your organization from cyber breaches that can have severe consequences. We offer technology solutions designed to mitigate cyber risks and safeguard your valuable data.

Key Features:

  1. End-to-End Encryption and User Authentication: Reduce potential cyber security risks through robust end-to-end encryption and user authentication mechanisms.
  2. System Vulnerability Assessment: Identify potential system vulnerabilities using Security Health Checks, enhancing your overall security posture.
  3. Regular Software Updates: Stay up to date with frequent software updates to ensure optimal system performance and protection against evolving cyber threats.
  4. Built-in Cyber Security Focus: Mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks through embedded cyber security product development philosophy.
  5. Secure Data Management: Streamline data management and safeguard data integrity by integrating systems and storing data securely.

Choose our comprehensive security solutions to create a safe environment, optimize facility usage, and reduce cyber risks. With our advanced technology partnerships and integrated approach, we are committed to delivering the highest level of safety, efficiency, and data protection for your Government organization.

CSEIP Training and Certification Program

The Secure Technology Alliance Certified System Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP) training and certification program provides advanced training for systems engineers on how to set-up and test E-PACS to align with government-wide specifications. This GSA-approved training program will provide the training and certification required for E-PACS engineers employed by commercial organizations that are looking to bid on GSA procurement agreements for access control systems. To ensure that procurements of approved E-PACS for GSA managed facilities are installed properly, GSA requires that all billable work performed on such systems be done using certified system engineers.

This comprehensive program provides systems engineers with the necessary training to demonstrate their ability to efficiently and effectively implement PKI and federal ICAM architectures for E-PACS and meet all federal requirements.

Government Certified Systems

Our high quality products and UL & FM certified Central Monitoring Station provide government facilities with the highest level of security imaginable.

Federal, state and local government facilities are increasingly tightening security and looking for sustainable ways to do so. This is especially true as more new and specialized government agencies emerge. Nationwide Security Corporation recognizes the vulnerability of these agencies and the need to design innovative, integrated systems.

Our Government security solutions integrate burglar protection, fire prevention, access control systems, video management systems, intercom systems, and turnstiles into a state-of-the-art-system that deters incidents from occurring.

The unfortunate acts of terrorism in our country in the last 20+ years prove the importance of governmental building security and life safety. These tragedies have impacted both the structural design and technology of new and existing government facilities. Increasing security for government buildings means creating sustainability and a better design for prevention.

Buildings that house computers, expensive equipment and important records require special safety planning and design as well as additional security equipment to limit entry points such as card readers, metal detectors, turnstiles, and other perimeter security options.

Nationwide Security Corporation is dedicated to the safety of our local, state, and federal buildings so they may continue to offer valuable public service.

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