Our Integrated Solutions

Nationwide Security Corporation’s integrated security systems are designed to address today’s most complex security challenges. Multiple systems work together to actually create better business intelligence. That added value to your operations significantly reduces costs –which is good news for your bottom line.

Our integrated solutions enable real-time management of several systems, and even multiple systems in multiple locations, including:

  • IP-based video surveillance
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • Access control
  • Intrusion
  • Communications
  • Building management
  • Video monitoring
  • Video Analytics
  • Managed and cloud-based security services

These security systems provide easier management, enhanced reporting, more intelligent data collection and mining, as well as options for customizing your systems and protocols to meet your needs.

The integration of video technology in particular is shaping the way businesses monitor and manage their security needs. That’s because video systems have cutting-edge analytics properties that identify security patterns and create algorithms around them. The result of integrating video with other systems is a smarter system overall. This rich data can easily be compiled in weekly/monthly reports that help you keep track of all of your businesses’ security systems.


Nationwide Security Corporation also works with businesses of all sizes to integrate our advanced systems with ‘traditional’ security measures. We expertly design and install in-building central control rooms that make security operations more convenient. Additionally, we have solutions for integrating security systems with Visitor Management systems and software. Integration with Visitor Management helps ensure that the wealth of visitor information gathered can be put to use to identify security risks and create a historical record of all visitors.

For more information on our Integrated Security Systems, contact our sales team at 203-785-0300



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