Learn About our National Accounts Program

Nationwide Security Corporation provides security installation services countrywide for national accounts, those clients with multiple facilities throughout a region of the country or entire country.

Many national accounts prefer to deal with one security vendor for all their requirements. This insures consistency of design, products, and pricing. It also allows for the client to call one company only for service issues and have all their systems monitored by the same company for quality assurance. NSC offers all of their installed systems to national account clients as well as monitoring and virtual keypad services. The virtual keypad service allows for either NSC or the client to make system code and programming changes to all of their facilities nationwide from one location. Click here for our National Accounts Brochure.


Certified Network

NSC has a network of certified and qualified security integration contractors across the nation to support its efforts to service clients of any size and need.  All contractors are vetted by both NSC and the manufacturer of the product being installed.  In that manner NSC can guaranty the national account client that they will universally receive  the same excellent installation and service given to our local and regional clients.  This system generally works much better than large national security integrators with many offices around the country because in many cases the quality of their service is vastly different from branch to branch or their are client sites where no branch exists and they have no mechanism in place to install and service in that area.  NSC can install, service, and monitor security systems for national clients anywhere in the country.


For all your national account needs, contact Brian Gouin at 800-451-4866 x 4115 or


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