Service Inspections Keep You Compliant

Pre-scheduled service inspections are needed to keep you in compliance with codes and government requirements. We perform quarterly, bi-annual or annual inspections and testing of your fire prevention systems. These tests are performed around your schedule. The details are covered in a signed annual agreement after the initial installation.

A Fire Marshal may be on hand to perform the first inspection, and to test and oversee the functionality of our systems. Together we make certain all devices are tested and documented according to all NEC and NFPA 72 regulations.



Nationwide Security Corporation Fire Alarm Inspection Services Include:

  • Determine how frequently visual inspections should be made to ensure that there are no sudden changes that may affect equipment performance
  • Use appropriate methods to test fire alarm system devices and components, and determine how frequently to conduct each test
  • Recognize the importance of acceptance testing, and determine when modifications or repairs should be made
  • List the key elements of a successful fire alarm system inspection to achieve fire protection objectives for each one of our facilities
  • Send daily communication test signals to our central station to make certain communication is never lost
  • Thoroughly test and document the result of each individual device, fire panel and remote annunciator using methods listed in the NFPA 72 testing and maintenance procedure guidelines


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