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Fence Controllers

Nationwide Security Corporation works with Gallagher Access Control Fence Controller products to offer advanced security solutions for perimeter protection and access control. These specialized controllers are designed to seamlessly integrate with Gallagher's access control systems, providing robust and reliable control over fence lines and entry points.

Key Features:

  1. Perimeter Protection: The Access Control Fence Controller effectively safeguards your perimeter by monitoring and controlling access to fence lines, gates, and other entry points.
  2. Integrated Solution: Seamlessly integrates with Gallagher's access control systems, allowing for centralized management and control of both perimeter and facility access.
  3. Secure Access Management: The Fence Controller enables precise access management, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.
  4. Event Monitoring: Real-time event monitoring and logging provide comprehensive visibility into access attempts, alarms, and other critical security events.
  5. Alarm Integration: Integrates with alarm systems to enable prompt response and notification in case of security breaches or unauthorized access attempts.
  6. Tamper Detection: The Fence Controller is equipped with tamper detection capabilities, immediately alerting security personnel if there is any tampering or unauthorized interference with the system.
  7. Scalable and Flexible: These controllers can be easily scaled and adapted to suit the specific requirements of various sites, whether it's a small installation or a large-scale enterprise environment.
  8. Seamless Integration: Integrates with other Gallagher security solutions, such as video surveillance and intruder detection systems, creating a comprehensive security ecosystem.

With Gallagher's Access Control Fence Controller products, organizations can enhance their perimeter security, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain a high level of control over their facilities. These advanced controllers provide an integrated approach to access control, ensuring the safety and security of the premises while offering scalability and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of any organization.

Gate and Fence Hardware

Gallagher offers a range of high-quality Gate and Fence Hardware options that complement their access control systems, providing reliable and secure solutions for perimeter protection.

These hardware options are designed to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of access control gates and fences, ensuring seamless integration and optimal security.



Gallagher's Access Control Sensor products offer advanced sensing capabilities that enhance the security and functionality of access control systems. These sensors are designed to detect and respond to various events and conditions, providing real-time information and enabling proactive security measures.

Key Features:

  1. Event Detection: Gallagher's Access Control Sensors are equipped with advanced sensing technologies that detect events such as motion, door status, vibration, and environmental conditions.
  2. Real-time Monitoring: These sensors provide real-time monitoring and reporting of events, allowing security personnel to promptly respond to any unauthorized access attempts or security breaches.
  3. Integration with Access Control Systems: The sensors seamlessly integrate with Gallagher's access control systems, enabling centralized management and control of access points and alarms.
  4. Customizable Alerts: Sensor-triggered events can be configured to generate customizable alerts, notifying security personnel via email, SMS, or other communication channels.
  5. Environmental Monitoring: Gallagher's sensors can monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring optimal conditions in sensitive areas.
  6. Tamper Detection: The sensors feature tamper detection mechanisms, providing an additional layer of security by alerting personnel in the event of unauthorized tampering or interference.
  7. Integration with Video Surveillance: These sensors can be integrated with Gallagher's video surveillance systems, enabling synchronized monitoring and capturing of events for comprehensive security coverage.
  8. Scalability and Flexibility: The sensor products are scalable and flexible, accommodating different site requirements and allowing for easy installation and expansion.

Gallagher's Access Control Sensor products enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of access control systems by providing real-time event detection and monitoring. With their seamless integration, customizable alerts, and environmental monitoring capabilities, these sensors contribute to a comprehensive security solution that ensures the safety and protection of facilities and assets.


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