Hospital and Medical Facility Security

Medical Facility Solutions

When your patients and staff enter your hospital or medical facility, they trust that you are going to protect them: That if they are in need of medical treatment, they will receive it, and they will stay safe throughout their stay at your facility. With Nationwide Security Corporation’s dependable, advanced security systems, you can give everyone who enters your doors the peace of mind that they will be protected.

With reliable access control, fully integrated systems, and an award-winning UL Central Monitoring Station, Nationwide offers the finest security for medical facilities. We have a full understanding of and our systems comply with the HIPPA requirements that must be met by patient facilities.


Fully Integrated Security for Medical Facilities

We know how important the safety and security of your patients and staff is to you, and we are proud to offer completely customized, fully integrated hospital security. This can include access control, fire prevention systems, turnstiles, metal detectors, intercoms, video surveillance systems, and so much more. And no matter how many parts you incorporate into your security for medical facilities, you will be able to effortlessly control it from as many places as needed.


Speak with a Hospital Security Expert Today

If you want to take away all doubt and give your facility the absolute best protection, contact Nationwide Security Corporation today at 203-785-0300 . Our hospital security experts are available to visit your facility and give you a personalized security recommendation.



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