Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are an essential and integrated component of commercial security systems that protect entryways, enhance communication flow and increase internal security.




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Nationwide Security Corporation offers a wide variety of intercom systems, from high-end models to more economical ones. Small business intercom systems have a selection of features such as room-to-room messaging, paging, meeting announcement and emergency announcements. Commercial intercom systems are multi-faceted, and may use call, speech, video, or a combination of each. High-level intercom features include video display, door release, switching functions and status messages.

For clients who need heightened security, Nationwide provides elite intercom systems that have some of the features of a surveillance system – such as integrated video camera with night vision, time stamping, and built-in memory for record keeping and review.


Nationwide Security also provides networked intercom systems for various site locations that need to be linked together. Networking intercom components allows the local intercom system to act as one large system across different sites. All specified functions are available across the entire intercom network, and programming is conducted centrally from a single location.

Nationwide Security Intercom Systems can also be integrated with our Access Control Systems, Security Cameras, and Video Surveillance Systems – for seamless security.


For more information on intercom systems for your Connecticut or Rhode Island business, contact our sales team at 203-785-0300



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