Utility Facilities such as power, gas and water companies have special security needs and regulations. The destruction of a utilities facility could cause massive disruption to infrastructures including commerce, industry and public health. Nationwide Security has the experience and reputation to secure utilities facilities. Our utilities clients include some of the largest corporations in the nation. We are very proud to manage the security needs of an industry that is critical to our everyday life.

The challenges of utilities sites are many: they span large geographical areas with multiple sites, as well as remote corporate offices and administrative campuses. They have thousands of employees that complicate Access Control. The threat of terrorists, home grown activists and criminals is real and present. And theft of utilities materials is a persistent problem.


Integrated Solutions

We provide fully integrated utilities security solutions that meet all of those challenges and anticipate future security threats. Our utilities systems features include: protection of the perimeter, controlling access for individuals, management of visitors, and video surveillance of the entire facility and beyond.

Our video systems solutions use powerful information architecture that provide incredible video analytics. All objects in view are tagged, organized and analyzed. In time the system recognizes patterns and becomes more intuitive – making it easy to spot unusual activity. That’s just one example of our intelligent systems design.

Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to be certified by The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) – who, under the eye of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is charged with enforcing reliability standards of bulk power systems. Not many security providers can say the same. As a utilities provider, it is paramount that you comply with all of the necessary regulations and maintain a safe workplace without compromising the services your customers depend on. Nationwide Security Corporation knows how to handle this great responsibility.

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