Business Security Systems in CT & RI

Protecting your employees, your building, and your resources.

Businesses large and small recognize the need to protect every aspect of a company. Nationwide Security Corporation’s business security solutions integrate intrusion, fire, access control, turnstiles, intercoms, and surveillance in a single system. Commercial security systems are designed to meet the unique structure and culture of your business.

Nationwide Security Corporation has secured thousands of commercial properties either privately owned, corporate owned or franchised, including:

  • Large office buildings and company headquarters
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail plazas, outlets and malls
  • Free standing retail locations
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Major international airports
  • Parking lots and open work spaces
  • Factory plants
  • Public gymnasiums, and more

Managing Security

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Corporate security administrators benefit from a robust security system with features and functions that enable them to effectively manage the facility and operations. Administrators may arm and disarm the system, lock or unlock access-control doors, add or delete system users or change their access rights, change schedules and holiday dates, and run reports for analysis and evaluation. Commercial security systems can be checked and managed onsite or from any computer that provides a secure Internet connection. Our commercial solution also includes the design and installation of monitoring desks or Security Operations Centers (SOC) for integrated surveillance and access control in one or several strategic locations.

The Nationwide Security Corporation process for business security starts with a consultation with our security experts, and a full analysis of your building and business organization, to design a high-functioning system that provides a complete blanket of security.

Employee & Customer Safety

In today’s environment, employee and customer safety is as important as protecting your property. Nationwide Security Corporation provides a range of employee and customer safety solutions including entry/exit point notification, critical condition monitoring such as temperature and flood detection, secured video remote monitoring, video surveillance, intercom systems and more.

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