Systems to Keep Facilities & People Safe and Secure

Choose from our basic access control systems that simply require specific cards or numbers for entry, or amp up your protection with our advanced access control systems that employ superior technologies, such as facial recognition, retinal scans, and hand geometry.

We offer many security entrance options for every possible application including optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, automatic revolving doors, security portals, and access gates.

Our burglar alarm systems feature all of the latest security technologies, including touchscreen keypads, panic buttons, remote arming/disarming, highly sensitive motion detection, and more.

Design your own security camera and video surveillance system by choosing from a variety of camera types and pairing them with recording solutions as complex as you want them to be.

Improve your company’s efficiency and security by offering enhanced communication and additional entryway protection. Our intercom systems have been shown to increase productivity by allowing immediate communication throughout expansive spaces.

We seamlessly sync any combination of our security systems to combat even the most intricate security challenges. Our integrated security systems will improve your company’s efficiency and significantly cut costs, while providing unprecedented insight into your operations.

Our integrated solutions enable real-time management of several systems, and even multiple systems in multiple locations



Contact us here or call us at (203) 785-0300 to get a free quote and Identify your security needs.



We will draw up the plan that best utilizes our systems and services tailored to fit your organization.



We will install, train, and monitor your system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rest Easy.

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