Business / Home Security Systems in CT & RI

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems in Connecticut and Rhode Island keep your building and/or rooms secure by requiring verified identification before allowing entry. By demanding either an access number or a key card, our access control systems will verify that the individual attempting to enter the space is authorized to do so.

Choose from our basic access control systems that simply require specific cards or numbers for entry, or amp up your protection with our advanced access control systems that employ superior technologies, such as facial recognition, retinal scans, and hand geometry.

Turnstiles / Security Entrances

With work environments becoming more dynamic, many building entries have become the center of activity around the building.  As the importance of ensuring only authorized people enter grows, the need to control people’s accessibility also increases.  Security entrances integrated with access control systems and visitor management systems can be used to confirm people’s identity and prevent tailgating and piggybacking into secure areas.

We offer many security entrance options for every possible application including optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, automatic revolving doors, security portals, and access gates.

Burglar Alarm Systems

When you want the peace of mind that your loved ones and possessions are safe, our burglar alarm systems are a must-have. We will work with you to design a custom state-of-the-art burglar alarm system for your Connecticut or Rhode Island home or business.

Our burglar alarm systems feature all of the latest security technologies, including touchscreen keypads, panic buttons, remote arming/disarming, highly sensitive motion detection, and more. Make your burglar alarm system as simple or complex as you desire, and we will take care of the installation and around-the-clock monitoring to ensure that help is there when you need it.

Cameras / Video Surveillance Systems

Whether you are looking for security cameras and video surveillance systems in Rhode Island and Connecticut that are simple to use, or you want the most advanced technology on the market, we have what you need to protect your property. Design your own security camera and video surveillance system by choosing from a variety of camera types and pairing them with recording solutions as complex as you want them to be. With our security cameras and video surveillance systems, you will always know who is on your property and what they are doing.

Intercom Systems

With our intercom systems in Connecticut and Rhode Island, you can improve your company’s efficiency and security by offering enhanced communication and additional entryway protection. Our intercom systems have been shown to increase productivity by allowing immediate communication throughout expansive spaces. Additionally, our intercom systems offer a proven way to relay emergency messages and speedup reaction time. To further improve the operations of your office, opt for our high-level intercom system that features video display, remote door release, and more.

Fire Protection Systems

With our fire protection systems in Rhode Island and Connecticut, you can rest easy knowing that you will be alerted of the imminent danger at the first sign of heat. Our advanced fire protection systems work by monitoring even the slightest environmental changes. Once detected, occupants are instantly notified, as is our award-winning command station, which alerts emergency responders that help is needed. Additionally, our fire protection systems are equipped with incredible technology that limits the spread of smoke and fire to reduce damages and save lives.

Integrated Security Systems

When you are seeking complete protection of your business, our integrated security systems in Rhode Island and Connecticut are the answer. We seamlessly sync any combination of our security systems—from burglar alarms to video surveillance to fire protection and beyond—to combat even the most intricate security challenges. Our integrated security systems will improve your company’s efficiency and significantly cut costs, while providing unprecedented insight into your operations.