UL Certified central station monitoring and reporting.

Nationwide Security Corporation provides our customers with a number of options to monitor your system and report activity. You may go online and keep track of your arm and disarm patterns, and generate weekly activity reports that can be emailed to you directly from the central station.

A typical intrusion central station operation works in the following manner:
  • If it is an emergency, and the alarm sounds without being disarmed within sixty seconds, the local police and/or fire department are dispatched – based on whether the alarm signals intrusion or fire.
  • If it is not an emergency simply disarm the alarm signal using a code, key fob, or another means of access control typically used for the location.
  • If it is not an emergency and the alarm sounds for longer than sixty seconds before being disarmed, the monitoring station will then contact the location. If the person who answers is not an authorized person for the residence or business and cannot enter the appropriate verbal pass code, the correct emergency personnel are immediately dispatched. This way, an emergency dispatch may be avoided.
  • There are many options to avoid false alarms, please contact us to learn more.
  • Please be aware, fee’s from your local police department may apply for being dispatched for false alarms.

Our UL Certified Central Station can also monitor:

  • Fire – One of less than two dozen Central Stations approved to monitor fire alarms in New York City
  • Burglary
  • Supervisory and medical signal
  • Intercom Systems
  • Security system issues
  • Commercial supervision signals

Nationwide Security Corporation offers these additional monitoring services:

Many Cultural Property organizations don’t have every in-house security expertise sometimes required. Nationwide Security Corporation can provide client and Cultural Property specific security consulting services anywhere in the country inclusive of:


Opening and Closing Reports:

  • Shows the time and date the system was armed and disarmed

Supervised Opening and Closing Reports:

  • Shows the time and date the system was armed and disarmed by specific users
  • Alerts you if your system has not been armed by a predetermined time:
  • Alerts you if a speific user armed or disarmed the system during off hours

System Testing – Specifications & Drawings:

  • Can be programmed to ensure your system has continuous communications with our central station
  • System testing can be provided daily or weekly

Cellular Back-up:

  • Be able to monitor your system and view your account through your mobile device
  • Arm and disarm your system from your cell phone for convenience
  • GPS Tracking

Video Monitoring

  • Using the latest technology and design to give our customers the opportunity to monitor their cameras on-site. This is recommended in addition to central station monitoring

Two-Way Voice


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