Security Services in CT & RI

At Nationwide Security Corporation, we do a lot more than just provide you with the security systems you need to keep your business safe in Connecticut and Rhode Island. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to make sure that every aspect of your safety and security is covered. From security monitoring to security consulting to security maintenance, we define what peace of mind is all about.

Security Consulting Services

With our security consulting services in RI and CT, you can get an expert opinion on a wide variety of security issues. We understand that not everyone has an in-house security specialist on staff, so we provide the help you need, on demand. Whether you want an in-depth risk assessment of your business, you want us to design an all-inclusive security system, or you need virtual security management, we offer the RI and CT security consulting services you seek.

Security Maintenance Plans

To keep your security system in prime condition, preventative maintenance is a must. With our CT and RI security maintenance plans, you can stay on top of the maintenance your system needs to ensure it operates at its best. We will evaluate your security system and put together a custom security maintenance plan, which will often include annual inspections and testing, software upgrades, and more. With one of our maintenance plans, you can stay on top of your system and avoid unexpected issues and hefty repair bills.

Security & Video Monitoring

Whether you need security monitoring, video monitoring, or both, Nationwide Security Corporation is here for you. Our security monitoring in CT and RI provides you with in-depth reports, showing you all alarm activity in an easy-to-read format, both online and in weekly emailed reports. We also provide UL Certified video monitoring so you can know for sure what is going on in your building all hours of the day, even from your mobile device.

Security System Training

To help your team quickly learn the ins and outs of your CT or RI security system, we provide hands-on training for all of our clients. We can go over just the basics, or you can enroll your team in our multiple-day training sessions that dig deep into the more complex parts of the security system. When your staff is done with our training, they will feel confident taking charge of the security system while you are away.

Fire & Life Safety Monitoring

When we say we monitor your system around the clock, we mean it. This means there is a never-ending link between our UL Central Station and your fire detection system in RI or CT, so we will know to send help at the very first sign of a fire. This ensures the least amount of damage to your business as possible.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Not only do regular fire alarm inspections keep your company safe, they keep you compliant. The government requires regular testing, and we can perform them as often as your local code dictates.

Make the most out of your RI or CT security system by taking advantage of our security consulting, video monitoring, and other security monitoring services. To learn more, contact us now.

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