Security Consulting Services

Nationwide Security Corporation’s consulting division provides operational and physical security consulting services on a national basis for a wide variety of vertical markets.  Many organizations don’t have someone in-house with every security expertise required in today’s changing landscape.  NSC’s security consultants can provide the following services:

Security Risk Assessment

NSC Custom Security System DesignNo two clients are alike.  Therefore, even a proven security risk assessment methodology should be adapted with the unique needs of each client in mind. Not only do the risk assessment details differ between the type of client such as corporate and institutional but certainly client to client as well.  Also, the risk assessment process constantly evolves based on lessons learned and the latest security best practices.

That said, the basis of a risk assessment remains the same.  It is an analysis of a facility’s assets and vulnerabilities as well as the threats to the facility and how your security program is mitigating the vulnerabilities in order to protect the assets from the threats.  

A complete security risk assessment must include all aspects of your security program including physical security, policies and procedures, and security personnel. The end product is a Security Risk Assessment Report that includes specific and actionable recommendations while being concise and tailored to your organization and your needs.

Elements of a security risk assessment:

-Review of site and facility security measures and assets

-Analysis of crime data including loss history, police calls for service and crime statistics

-In-depth interviews with a cross-representation of the organization’s operating and support personnel

-Review degree of compliance with recognized CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles and any industry specific security requirements

-Evaluation of present security program including physical security systems, security policies and procedures, security personnel, security management, and operating procedures

-Report detailing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities; developing cost effective and workable recommendations.

System Design

Custom Security System DesignOur system design product is client and site specific, with the attention to detail our clients require. We design site-specific electronic CCTV, access control, burglary, turnstile, intercom, fire protection, and perimeter security systems, as well as other physical security measures. Product recommendations and designs are based on specific needs. Our Comprehensive Design Specifications includes, at minimum:

  • Description and scope of work
  • Necessary contractor qualifications
  • Material descriptions
  • A&E specifications for all products
  • Installation, testing and commissioning requirements
  • Execution information
  • Preparation of design drawings in AutoCAD to include minimum floor plans with device locations, legends, riser diagrams and details

Project Management

Project Management Services can be provided during both the Procurement and Construction project phases. By learning the specifics of your business and physical protection requirements, we ensure your designed systems are installed on time, on budget and in accordance with all design specifications.

Functions performed during the Procurement Phase of your project include:

  • Assistance in attaching bid documents to the design specifications and drawings in order to release an Invitation to Bid
  • Evaluating contractor qualifications based on project and client need
  • Inviting qualified contractors to bid
  • Leading the pre-bid conference and walk-through
  • Assistance in evaluation of bids, including contractor qualification reviews

Functions performed during the Construction Phase of your project include:

  • Review and approval of all submittals
  • Check, review and approval of installation progress
  • Review and approval of change orders
  • Review and approval of testing and test reports
  • Review and approval of “As-built” diagrams
  • Approval of contractor progress payments

Virtual Security Management

What’s the alternative to traditional in-house security management which offers a way to reduce overhead, and still have a dynamic security program? A Virtual Security Manager.

Many firms do not have a dedicated security manager and instead utilize someone with other duties such as Facilities or HR to manage their security program.  Not only does this intrude on the true responsibilities, but in most cases that designated person does not  have the expertise to comprehensively deal with all security matters.  So, for those organizations that don’t have a need for a full-time dedicated security manager but do occasionally or regularly need expert security related support and advice, here’s the solution.

Utilize the services of a Virtual Security Manager.

The great advantage for this kind of service is still having access to the security expertise all growing companies need in today’s changing landscape without the long term cost and commitment of full time security management.  The Security Manager program allows businesses to save money on employee benefits and salaries by eliminating the need to hire costly employees for a short term project or where only part-time help is required.

Just like quality security consulting services, the Virtual Security Manager services provided to each client varies based on vertical market, company size, and factors directly related to the individual needs of the client. These services can include:

  • Complete Security Program Development and Implementation
  • Workplace Violence Mitigation and Training
  • Employee Security Training
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Security Personnel Supervision
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Electronic Security System Design and Project Management
  • Ongoing Vendor Support
  • Operations Center Management
  • Security Program Cost Analysis
  • Emergency Preparedness / Response

Let’s discuss the development of a Virtual Security Manager program for you!  

For all your security consulting needs, contact Brian Gouin from Nationwide Security Corporation at 203-785-0300 x 4115 or