Improving Security in your Retail Store

Internet security may make headlines, but physical security still matters, particularly if you are a retailer. Since shrinkage has a direct impact on your bottom line each year, taking the time to review your current security setup and look for any flaws can help you shore up your system and prevent theft.

5 Ways to Reduce Theft in your Retail Store

Don’t Hide your Security

Hidden cameras work wonders in some areas, but when it comes to stopping shoplifters, visible security measures act as a real deterrent. Some security cameras and other obvious signs that you are aware of and proactively work to prevent theft can help deter shoplifters. Signs warning potential thieves not to steal or that they are being filmed also act as a powerful deterrent and won’t turn off honest shoppers.

Empower Employees

A written policy will help your employees understand what to do (and what not to do) if they suspect a shoplifter. Providing your team with education on shoplifting and what they should do can help not only reduce your risk of theft but make sure that your team responds in a safe and appropriate way as well. Since some retail theft also comes from employees, boosting education and awareness of the potential penalties for theft can help reduce this risk as well.

Boost your Customer Service

Great customer service does more than just boost your sales and make visitors to your store feel at home – it can help reduce the amount of theft, too. By taking simple measures like greeting every customer and being aware of where they are, your team can make true customers feel welcome and reduce a shoplifter’s feeling of anonymity and ability to act undetected as well.

Invest in the Right Systems

A video surveillance system allows you to see all areas of your selling floor and back room and can help detect and deter theft. If you do not have a system or are experiencing inventory loss but can’t figure out where it is happening, a surveillance system could solve the mystery and stop the bleeding for good. Your cameras will be hard at work all day, every day and reviewing the videos can help you learn where your goods are going and determine what other measures you need to take to protect your inventory and staff.

Your physical premises need to be protected as well, since some retail theft happens when your store is closed. The right system will let you know when something is happening at your store and summon the authorities before a burglar has the chance to make off with your goods.

Whether you are worried about shoplifting or just want to make sure your investment is protected, we can help. Contact us to learn how easy it is to begin monitoring and protecting your retail store with the latest technology. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible return on your retail investment and to help you protect your business.

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