More Than Home Intrusion Alarms: Winter Home Safety Sensors

While you know you can rely on Nationwide to keep your home safe from intruders throughout the winter months, the cold weather and increased precipitation can also wreak havoc on your home. Oftentimes, all that is needed to prevent these natural occurrences from causing extreme damage to your home is prompt notification when something goes awry. At Nationwide, we provide complete home protection, not just intrusion alarms, to keep your home safe all winter long. Here are some of the ways our additional safety sensors can protect your home:

Prevent Freezing Pipes

When the weather turns cold, freezing pipes are always a concern. Even if you take the necessary preventative measures, freezing pipes can still occur. With our low-temperature safety sensors, you can be notified as soon as a pre-designated temperature is reached. That way, you can take the necessary action to keep the pipes from freezing completely, saving you a lot of hassle and money on repairs.

Detect Leaks or Floods

Another common occurrence during the winter months is leaky pipes or flooding. Whether it’s from overworked pipes or an influx of melting snow, a leak or flood can cause severe damage to your home it it’s not rectified immediately. Our water safety sensors will alert you the second it picks up on excess moisture, and it can even be set up to shut off the main water supply upon notification.

Identify Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Due to the colder temperatures, open windows are a rarity in the winter months. Combine this with the increase of fireplace usage, and carbon monoxide becomes a serious threat. As you know, carbon monoxide can be toxic—and even fatal—if not caught early enough. Our carbon monoxide detectors are connected to the rest of your home safety system, so you will know as soon as the amount of carbon monoxide in the air reaches a dangerous level so your family can get to safety.

Sense Increased Heat and Smoke

Fire is always a concern, but in the winter months, the fireplace and heating system being used put your home at an increased risk. Our fire alarms are ultra sensitive and can detect even the smallest environmental changes that could signify an impending fire. Once sensed, our fire alarms will automatically notify you so you can begin evacuating your family to safety.

With our comprehensive home safety sensors in place, not only will you feel safe from intruders, but you will feel secure knowing you will be aware of any impending dangers in your home. All of our safety sensors are backed by our around-the-clock monitoring and support, and can also be accessed from any connected mobile device.

Contact us today to learn more about how our safety sensors can flawlessly integrate with your home intrusion alarm for complete peace of mind all season long.

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