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Residential Security Systems
Nothing is more important than the safety and well being of your family, home and valued possessions.

Nationwide Security Corporation’s Residential Safety Systems are designed using the latest Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) that combine intrusion protection and fire protection, to provide the highest level of personal security.

DMP system software and hardware is engineered for continuous improvement, which means you upgrade to the newest technology without having to replace obsolete equipment. DMP is cost effective and gives you full assurance that your home security is up to date.

You’ll find the DMP solution easy to use and extremely reliable. That’s because DMP is unlike any other home security system on the market. It integrates electronic security and access control in a single interface system. Integrated protection means fewer components, simpler and faster installation, and more efficient operation and management. A Nationwide Security Corporation trained team member will walk you through setup thoroughly following your system’s installation.

Intrusion Protection

Nationwide Security Corporation’s intrusion safety systems are controlled by a simple keypad that comes in a number of colors and sleek designs to match your style. Each keypad is programmable with a proximity reader that creates a speedy arm/disarm option for busy families who are on the go. Complete customization allows you to arm and patrol select area. Whether you are home, on vacation, or out and about – there is a mode that gives you full protection.

False alarms are common in home systems. With other systems, turning off the alarm deactivates the entire system and puts you at risk. DMP systems allow you to silence the original alarm while continuing to monitor doors, windows, and motion detectors so can you confirm an intrusion.

Fire and Emergency Protection

Your residential security system also includes emergency notification products, including a complete assortment of smoke/heat detectors, CO detectors, and everything you need to meet requirements for the notification of residential emergency situations.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Nationwide Security Solutions provides around the clock monitoring of client accounts and continuous client support. Our team of trained professionals actively monitors your account, while respecting your privacy and rights. All activity is communicated to our Central Monitoring Station in real-time.

Homeowners also have the power to monitor their security system and tailor it to their family’s schedule. System owners can check and control their system from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Parents – you can even receive an alert when your kids get home from school, letting your know the door was opened and closed, and they are home safely.

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