What is the Difference Between a Wireless and Cellular Alarm System?

If you are in the market for a house alarm, chances are you have heard about both a wireless home security system and a cellular alarm system. So are these the same things? Or are they completely different? The answer is somewhere in between.

By straight definition, wireless and cellular are very similar, meaning they both rely on radio signals to operate instead of using a physical wire connection. However, in the house alarm world, they refer to two separate things:

  • Wireless – A wireless home security system is one that does not require any wires for the sensors to communicate with the control panel. In other words, wireless refers to the connections between the alarm units inside your home.
  • Cellular – A cellular alarm system means that the control panel can communicate to sources outside of your home without any wires required. So there is no phone line necessary for your house alarm to contact the monitoring station. Cellular systems also allow for smartphone monitoring.

To further break it down, a wireless home security system allows you to wirelessly set up sensors throughout your home and have them alert your control panel through wireless signals. Your sensors are only wirelessly connected to your specific control panel via unique radio frequencies. Once the alarm is triggered, a cellular alarm system will notify the monitoring station via cellular links (similar to sending a text message) instead of using an internet connection or a landline phone. These cellular links also allow you to be notified about any activity on your smartphone.

Cellular and Wireless: Better Together

To truly have a wireless home security system, you technically require both a wireless and cellular alarm system. When they work together you get the ultimate security and peace of mind. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a house alarm with both wireless and cellular capabilities:

  • Since there are no wired connections required in any form, installation and daily use is a breeze.
  • The data transmission in a cellular and wireless home security system is quicker than a wired system.
  • With a cellular alarm system, a homeowner can be notified on the go if the wireless home security system detects any activity.
  • Cellular and wireless home security systems are safer and more dependable than those with phone or power lines because there are no wires for the intruder to disable.
  • A wireless and cellular alarm system will not be affected in a power outage.

While cellular alarm systems and wireless home security systems are referring to two separate things, the truth is that they work the best when used together. When all of the communication of your house alarm—both inside and out—is functional without wires or power, you can depend on it to work when you need it.

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