It has come to our attention that a flood of nationwide telemarketers are auto-dialing CT residents offering security alarm systems – nothing new.  However, now the initial messages have the callers identifying themselves using the name(s) of legitimate CT registered alarm companies “….this is Mike from Nationwide Security”… etc., please call me back.

My question is:   have you received calls at your home or office from out-of-state telemarketers using this ploy?    Are you currently being inundated with any telemarketing calls for security alarm systems?    Are you on a “no call list”.

Our association will bring this issue to the Attorney General’s office, however, to do so, we must submit documented telephone numbers and type of solicitation. If you have existing information available, please submit it to me immediately (call or email) and I will start a list of complaints.   If you receive future calls, please document any information you can (a return phone number, or push # for further information regarding security….etc.”) will provide for evidence for a case.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


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