Nevada School Shooting

Another school shooting! It sounds like if it were not for math teacher Michael Landsberry’s actions things could have been far worse. Ironic that he survived Afghanistan only to be gunned down by a 12 year old student. Again it appears the parents are part of the cause. How did a 12 year old have such easy access to a 9mm handgun. Aside from a metal detector I can’t think of anything that would alert anyone a 12 year old had a handgun in their backpack. We have been installing security cameras in hallways and at entrance/exits and on grounds, video intercom door entry systems and access control in schools for years. None of it would have stopped this kid. However camera systems can greatly help school administrators visually see what is happening and notify all occupants of what to do. These systems can help first responders during the incident to get a look into the school before entering and provide access into the school. Investigators can use the data to assess the event after the fact to if anything could be improved.

The root of the problem I believe is still mental illness and lack of proper parenting.

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