Smart Phone Security System Control

Newer security systems have the capability to be controlled remotely via smart phones, tablets, PC’s, etc. Recently there was a news report that someone can hack into a system that uses this feature and take control of the system. They aired a news clip of a reporter hacking into someones system. He was able to arm & disarm the system, turn on/off lights and control the thermostat. They didn’t reveal how he did it or what manufactures system it was, they just showed him doing it. The alarm owner was aware he was going to hack into his system and confirmed that he did if fact hack in. To everyone using this feature I recommend you rethink your user names and passwords. Use secure passwords with upper and lower case charactors, numbers and symbols. Do not use easy passwords such as birthdays, pet names, etc. Also, always log off your account when not using the remote control feature. For even added security make the user name hard as well.

There is only one problem with hard passwords-remembering them. Good Luck!


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