Turnstiles & Security Entrances

Security System TurnstilesThe protection of employees, physical assets, and data is becoming more important and necessary then ever before.  To manage the movement of people, corporations and other entities around the globe are implementing some type of security entrance system coupled with an access control and visitor management system.  Nationwide Security Corporation can install and maintain a wide range of options including:

Optical Turnstiles – for lobbies and building interiors with varying degrees of security clearance

Full Height Turnstiles – for harsh outdoor conditions at a building perimeter

Tripod Turnstiles – for crowd control at guarded entry points

Automatic Revolving Doors – instead of manual revolving doors

Access Gates – to accommodate wheelchairs or other special access

All turnstile options can include protection against tailgaiting and piggybacking and can accommodate two or three factor authentication.

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Nationwide Security Corporation is proud to be a certified and trained dealer for Boon Edam, one of the world’s largest and most respected security entrance manufacturers which can meet the needs of any application.

Contact our sales team for more information regarding a turnstile or security entrance inquiry at 203-785-0300.