Five Ways to Modernize Your Security System – Part 2 Access Control

In this second segment of our five-part series, we explore some of the newest trends and applications impacting the access control market. Many new technologies are emerging and being adopted that are providing enhanced security along with added convenience.

New Access Control Technology

There are several predominant technology trends that are reshaping the access control market. Among them is a strong shift toward smartphone Bluetooth-enabled technology to provide users with touchless access through secured doors, turnstiles and elevators. There’s no need to carry or swipe an access card – the mobile phone communicates with the access reader to authenticate the user’s identity to grant access. There are plenty of perks to mobile access, including more convenience and less costs managing and replacing cards or fobs credentials.

Biometrics access is also taking on a lot of traction. There are several methods of identification with fingerprint / finger vein, iris scanning, and facial recognition ranking as the most common. Once users are enrolled in the database, their identity serves as their access credential.

The demand for wireless technology solutions is only increasing. Along with that is a surge in demand for keyless entry and wireless door locks, which enable the locking and unlocking of doors without the need for electrical wiring.

Access Control Ease of Use

The wireless era has ushered in a whole new level of increased convenience. End users, once amazed with the ease of use of these technologies, have now come to expect it in their access control solutions. Hands-free access and remote access capabilities have delivered the goods not only in terms of enhanced security, but in customer satisfaction. Wireless solutions – once the wave of the future – are here to stay.

New Applications for Access Control

There’s been a steady shift to Cloud managed/ hosted systems, as increasingly more organizations are turning to Cloud technology to improve cybersecurity. In addition to lowering overhead costs and facilitating access remotely anytime from any device, Cloud computing via the Internet enables users to remotely manage activities such as adding or revoking access to users. It’s allowing organizations to achieve benefits such as seamless integration, scalability, resiliency, and increased cybersecurity in the Cloud. 

The transition from legacy systems to an integrated security system is also giving way to more modernized applications and processes for businesses. Integrated solutions can be customized specific to each organization, which is especially important because every operation faces its own unique set of security challenges. An integrated security system centralizes security operations, allowing for a better organized work flow for businesses.

Local and Nationwide Implications

Access control solutions continue to evolve in sophistication. Nationwide Security Corporation can help you leverage these technologies and capabilities to deliver the highest level of security for your facility.

We can provide you with an integrated access control solution that meets your current needs and is scalable well into the future. Our roster of satisfied clients span businesses, government agencies, utilities, schools, and medical facilities. We deliver innovative and client-specific security solutions that combine state-of-the-art technology with 24/7 monitoring and client support.

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