Keeping Students Safe with Advanced University Campus Security Systems  

Today, universities have more security threats to worry about than those of the past. From identity theft and natural disasters to random acts of terrorism, colleges are tasked with protecting their students and giving them a safe place to learn and grow.

This is why more campuses are seeking out comprehensive security systems rather than relying on the piecemeal solutions that once dominated the industry. The components of these systems work together to strengthen one another, resulting in an integrated framework that anyone can use.

If you’re looking for ways to improve security on college campuses, see how these advanced campus security systems are providing new benefits that universities can’t ignore.

Interconnected, On-site Security Systems

When it comes to a school security system, connectivity is key to containing the threat. The system needs to be able to update people in real-time, whether they’re witnessing the event take place or they’re safely tucked away in a building across campus.

Today’s interoperability security systems can communicate with each other both on-site and off. It gives students and faculty the warnings and updates they need to take control. These benefits also help security officials adjust emergency protocol as the situation develops.

University security systems can also help streamline access to different parts of campus with the help of smart cards. These campus access cards contain magnetic strip proximity

technology that will activate sensors located outside a building. The card proves the student’s identity, allowing only authorized parties into different buildings on the campus. All they have to do is tap their card to enter, streamlining security and reducing the need for individual ID checks or searches.

Finally, the right security systems will provide the training individuals need to work with the system. Whether it’s the Security Director or the weekend guard on the night shift, it’s crucial for all authorized users to understand the system. If technology is too complicated, those who monitor it may either misuse it or ignore its advanced features altogether.

Choosing a user-friendly system paired with comprehensive training gives universities their best chance of defense. But a campus security company in CT and RI has more than just the staff to consider — they also have to find ways to directly help students when there’s no one around.

Instant Help for Students with Emergency Communication Pedestals on Campus

Not even the best security system in the world can prevent all outside threats. However, it is possible for security systems at schools and universities to provide more help to students in a time of crisis. And while colleges should empower students to defend themselves whenever necessary, they should also give them the assistance they need when they need it the most.

Colleges today can provide intercom security utilizing emergency communication pedestals that can include all types of enclosures, intercoms, and lights. Students can push a button to get the help they need. These special pedestals can be installed all over campus, giving students a way to contact emergency services immediately.

Today’s technology can proactively deploy services and limit the number of negative incidents on campus. College campus security issues can pose complex logistical problems for standard emergency plans, but campus security solutions are available to make your responses more effective.

Nationwide Security Services for Universities

Choosing a security system can be overwhelming for any institution — especially considering how quickly technology evolves. Nationwide Security understands the hesitation and concerns that many universities have, which is why they offer comprehensive solutions with straightforward features and benefits. A security guard doesn’t want to remember a complicated login process when they’re facing an emergency; they want the technology to help them react faster than they could without it.

The most successful universities fold in both traditional in-house security and off-site monitoring. On-site security monitoring is necessary to catch threats quickly, but off-site security monitoring can help limit the impact of that threat before it reaches the edges of a university. It allows officials to get a clearer picture of what’s occurring both in and around the campus. So, if a threat is approaching, they have the opportunity to help mitigate the threat by utilizing the appropriate response.

Nationwide Security understands the unique concerns shared by university leaders. Keeping students safe on campus is a complex problem, but it is one that can be improved by implementing smarter technology.

If you’re looking for school security companies in CT and RI call Nationwide today to learn more about how we can help you find a solution that works.

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