6 Home Security Tips to Keep You Safe for the Holidays

To you, the holiday season may be all about spending time with family and giving gifts to those you love, but to burglars, it’s all about striking the jackpot. With a lot of people traveling, and a lot of valuables up for display, it’s a prime time for them to break into homes and make out like bandits. By following these home security tips, you can reduce your Connecticut home’s attraction to criminals and keep your holiday season merry and bright.

Watch the Windows

As exciting as it is to pull up to your home in the evening and see your gorgeous Christmas tree from the curb, this is just like tantalizing a dog with a bone. When you can see the Christmas tree lit inside of your home, so can burglars. It may be hard for them to resist the temptation of breaking in to get some of the goods for themselves.

Use Exterior Outlets

Speaking of windows, a crucial step of house security is to make sure you don’t keep any of yours open in order to run an extension cord through them. No lock means way-too-easy access for someone looking for a simple score. If you don’t have any exterior outlets, hire an electrician to come install one, or just skip the outdoor lights altogether. It’s not worth the risk.

Incorporate Light Timers

If you do have exterior lights, make sure that you install timers with every strand. That way, your lights will go on and off at the same time each night, so the burglar won’t you aren’t actually home.

Schedule a Mail Hold

If you are headed away from your Connecticut home for the holidays, you must put your mail on hold before you leave. By following this home security tip, you can make sure that your mail won’t stack up, making it obvious that you are away. An even better option for house security is to have a friend or neighbor stop by your CT home to collect the mail and check for any newspapers or solicitations tucked into your door.

Stay Silent Online

No matter how amazing you think your privacy settings are online, our next holiday home security tip is to always play it safe by staying quiet on your social media accounts. Wait until you are back home to brag about your incredible vacation so that criminals don’t know when your Connecticut home will be empty.

Secure Your Home

Out of all of our holiday home security tips, the most important is to install a home security system. Even if you don’t let the burglars know when you will be away, or what you have inside, a house security system is the only way to ensure you will get the help you need should a break-in occur. And with options like our smartphone home security management and video surveillance, you can even keep an eye on things while you are away from your CT home so that you can just focus on the fun you are having.

At Nationwide Security Corporation, your family’s safety is a top priority, especially during the holiday season. To make sure your Connecticut home security is as solid as it needs to be, contact us today.

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