Why Security Cameras for Your Connecticut Home?

Do homeowners here in Connecticut really need home security camera systems? After all, most residents would agree that CT is a great place to live and FBI stats say violent crime is decreasing. If your home happens to be burgled, however, the occurrence rate is 100% for you and your family—and at that point, statistics don’t matter too much.

Are You Confident that Your Family is Safe at Home?

We’re not trying to frighten you with this article. We simply believe that every family deserves to feel and be safe in their home; this has been the mission of our family-founded business since 1983. There are plenty of areas in Connecticut that are not as safe, of course. Looking at online tools such as this Connecticut neighborhood crime map can provide perspective. Still, points of view on the CT crime problem’s severity vary widely, depending upon whom you consult. Some in the media point to the significant gang problem in the state, as in this article from Business Insider, citing Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford as particularly plagued. In fact, they are placed within the 25 most dangerous US cities. Of course, gang members are not only notorious for violence and drugs, but also for burglary of local homes and businesses. Even if you feel that your home and family are not in the path of crime or and your belongings are not targets for criminals, home security cameras fulfill other valuable roles around the house.

Security Camera Systems for Peace of Mind and More in CT

When you have a state-of-the-art home camera system installed, you get added security and much more. There are many advantages of wireless home security cameras besides helping to catch criminals. Security systems for the home also deter crime, of course, making theft and property damage less likely as burglars tend to pass up camera-protected homes. When you have your own, professionally installed and monitored CCTV system, you also enjoy:

  • Protection for your property when you’re away at work or on vacation.

  • Protection for your family when at home — with different home and away settings that protect you while preventing false alarms.

  • Theft, trespass and break-in deterrence.

  • Notifications that a door (and which door) has been opened and closed, which could tell you that your children are home from school, for example.

  • Remote and mobile controls for convenience.

  • Professional monitoring 24/7/365 while maintaining your privacy.

  • Possible discount on homeowner’s insurance.

  • Resale incentive to homebuyers: your upgradable home security system means that new buyers won’t need to install a new NSC system.

  • Household emergency protection from dangers such as fire.

In addition to burglary and fire monitoring, home security cameras from NSC can be set up to provide or integrate with additional related services as needed, including: medical signaling, GPS tracking, 2-way voice systems and much more. Our home security experts will be happy to design a system to meet your needs.

At NSC, we’ve been providing household, business, school and governmental security systems for more than 30 years. For professional home security tips or to learn more about installing wireless home security cameras in your home – contact Nationwide Security Corporation online or call us at 203-785-0300.



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