Protect Your Vacation Home, Too

Owning a vacation home is great, but when you return home to your primary residence, how safe is the one you just left? You must ensure that your great getaway is protected against theft and vandalism at all times. Installing a home security system will help you have peace of mind.

Home security systems are the best way to protect your vacation home, regardless of whether or not you make regular visits or not. The alarm system will automatically alert the authorities when an intruder enters your home; If you have video surveillance, you can watch what’s going on from wherever you are. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can watch your home from anywhere around the world with video surveillance.

In addition to installing a home security system, you should also make accommodations to make it appear as if your second residence is being occupied at all times. To do this, could keep the lawn maintained on a regular basis. You should also cancel mail that is delivered to this residence; have it forwarded to your primary residence instead. This keeps the mail from being stacked up, which is typically a sign that no one has been occupying the residence. It’s a great idea to keep the second floor curtains completely open; on the first floor, keep the curtains slightly open. Your vacation home should always give off an impression that someone is living there, or at least keeping an eye on things.

To keep your vacation home protected at all times, have a home security system installed. To learn more about the security systems and services that are available for your vacation home in Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts, contact us online, or call 203-785-3000.

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