Latchkey Kids Should be Kept Safe

With school back in session, many children will be coming home alone; therefore, they are considered “latchkey kids.” There are more than 13 million children around the world – under the age of 13 – who come home by themselves after school. It is necessary for you to keep them safe from an intruder, as well as other situations, such as a fire. You can do so by installing a security system for your home; the applications that a home security system provides for your children’s safety are invaluable.

With today’s technological advances, you are able to have home security systems installed on your property that allow you to keep “your eyes” on your children while they are at home, regardless if you are at work, running errands, or away from the house for any other reason. Video monitoring is one of the most popular features that you can choose from when you install a home security system. You can arm and disarm the alarm from any web-enabled device, and you can also monitor the activity of your children in various rooms throughout your home. It is always best to teach your child how to use the security equipment, just in case they are unable to reach you during an emergency situation.

A home security system is a powerful ally for parents who have latchkey kids. It allows you to receive messages and text alerts once your child has arrived home from school; you can also watch video in real-time, so you know exactly what is going at that moment.

Install a home security system so you too can be confident that your latchkey kids are safe while they are home alone. If you wish to learn more about the products and services that can establish a safe environment for your children, please contact us online, or call us at 203-785-0300.

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