Back To School Safety Measures

In today’s society, we now fully recognize the invaluable nature of security systems in schools. While no arrangement is full proof, installing the proper systems and practices is essential for creating a safe environment. Most importantly, providing ample amounts of security will help to save the lives of students and faculty alike. Furthermore, enabling the proper safety measures instills the ability for all parties to better prevent, prepare for, and respond to potential breaches in security.

The vast amount of students, staff and equipment operating in the school environment make it is essential to have and maintain protection at all times. There is a wide array of tools and strategies that can be employed to create a secure environment. These systems include but are not limited to the use of cameras, digital access cards for door entry and panic buttons. We also enable a constant connection to onsite personnel via telephones and intercoms, and your outside security provider is always accessible. These systems work hand in hand to create a multi-tiered defense to ensure the highest amount of security attainable.

While security systems are vital for protection during in-school hours, it is important not to ignore the need for safeguarding after-hours. In maintaining a connection to school security, we are capable of creating safer, happier environment for students and staff alike.

If you are considering securing your educational institution or wish to learn more, please contact us online or call us at 203-785-0300.

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