Keep Your Home Safe, Especially While on Vacation

You may be considering having a home security system installed in your home this summer. It’s always important to keep your home, family, and personal belongings safe, especially during the summer months. Thieves are professionals, meaning they make it their business to know the best times to burglarize homes. Even though your children are out of school for the summer, thieves know families take most of their vacations during the summer months.

You may be going on vacation without your children, which is yet another reason why you should have a home security system installed during the summer. The babysitter may not know how to handle an intrusion, but a professionally trained staff member of your home security system provider will know how to respond to the threat, who to call, and how to help your children and the sitter remain calm during the situation. Nationwide Security Corporation has an intercom system available that allows you to speak with our monitoring center without even picking up the phone. There are also panic buttons that someone in your home can push on the security system to alert us – and the police – of a potential break-in. When it pertains to your safety, Nationwide Security has you covered!

Home security systems do more than protect your home from theft; they protect your home from:

• Fire Emergencies
• Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
• and more…

If you’re away on vacation and a fire occurs, a professionally trained staff member at Nationwide Security will alert the fire department, authorities, and you of the situation. Even though you may be far away, you can find some peace in knowing that the situation is being handled.

Contact Nationwide Security to learn more about the many home security systems options available to you. And when you sign up for security and video monitoring services, your home will be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you reside in Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts, don’t worry about keeping your home safe while away on vacation; Call Nationwide Security Corporation today at 203-785-0300.

A Security Camera System for Your Home or Business

Keeping your home safe from thieves is a tough task, but with security cameras and video surveillance systems, that task can become a little easier. Finding the perfect residential and commercial security systems provider is a step that you must take carefully. Nationwide Security Corporation (NSC) is a professional, full-service security systems provider that uses state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment to secure your home or business.

When you shop for a camera system with NSC, you have a variety of items to choose from. Some of your options include:

Digital Cameras – Known for image quality and product reliability.

Record Solutions – This option allows you to record, manage, and view your security system with ease.

Display Monitors and Technology – You can view your home or office from a variety of displays, including AV, LCD, and HD Plasma displays. The picture quality on these displays is exceptional.

Fiber Optic Technology – Allows you to use fiber optic transceivers in order to transmit data, control signals, and video of your home or business.

Switching Solutions and Systems – You can watch several cameras, or several thousand, with this security camera system.

Regardless of which security camera system you choose, you want to make sure the equipment is user-friendly. Nationwide Security will help you learn how to use your equipment. You don’t have to worry about this security provider dropping the equipment off, and leaving you to set it up yourself. One of the professional staff members of NSC will help you with all of your security camera system needs. If you need help choosing the perfect system for your home or business, they will help you determine which security camera solution would be more effective for your property.

Don’t waste another moment contemplating if you need to install a security camera system; call Nationwide Security Corporation at 203-785-0300– the security system provider you can depend on in CT, RI and MA.