Reliable Security and Superior Alarm Monitoring

As a business or homeowner, you want to know that your space is safe at all times. Realistically, you cannot be there 24/7 to keep a watchful eye – but we can.

With our state-of-the art video surveillance systems, fire detection alarms, and emergency response systems for personal use, Nationwide Security Corporation (NSC) has protected families, friends and neighbors, and their homes – in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island – from intrusions and break-ins for many years.

If you are in the market for a new security system, you have probably discovered that there are many options available, and many installers to choose from. So why, in this seemingly endless realm of possibilities, should you choose NSC?

Simply put, we offer quality, commitment, and exceptional service. When you become an NSC customer, you get the best products for safety and security, as well as superior security system monitoring.  Whether you need a new door with an electric locking system, access control system or a surveillance system that lets you keep watch, we have just the system you need.

If you are not a DIY type of person, you may rest assured that our certified and professional technicians will gladly install your equipment, and all NSC security service plans come with our award-winning round-the-clock remote surveillance monitoring. Either way, your satisfaction is ours too.  We can even create a customized, yet stylish, solution that is just right for your security needs.

We want you to be safe, sound, and secure – but technology and equipment are only one part of the NSC customer experience. Even though our products are the most technologically advanced, we equally value personal relationships with our customers.

NSC started as a local company and earned our reputation by building trust and respect in small communities.  Today we serve communities across America, but we still treat our customers in the same manner. When you choose NSC you can count on the same outstanding customer service and to be treated just like a neighbor.

Ready to start?  Visit our website to get a free security system quote today, and let us help you get secure!

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