Wireless Home Security Systems in RI & CT

Wireless home security systems are often a popular choice because they do not require massive amounts of drilling into walls, they are moveable, they are affordable, and there are no wires to be cut by burglars. While there are many wireless home alarm systems on the market, Nationwide Security Corporation offers wireless home security systems with advanced features and an award-winning command center. Here’s a closer look at the cutting-edge technology in our wireless home security systems:

Wireless Home Security with Mobile Connectivity

One of the most exciting features of our wireless home alarm systems is their ability to be controlled via a smartphone or tablet. Whether you use an Apple or an Android mobile device, you will be able to remotely turn your wireless home security system on and off, adjust the thermostat, view any wireless home security cameras, operate the lights, and more. So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can have the peace of mind that your home—and the people or possessions within it—are safe.

Wireless Home Security Cameras

With our wireless home security camera system, you know your home is safe. Our wireless home security cameras can be customized to meet your needs, giving you as many or as little as you desire, and they can be accessed remotely to keep you in the know when you’re not at home.

Reliable Wireless Home Security Systems

Hopefully, you never have to worry about a burglar, but if you do, you can rely on the wireless home alarm systems from Nationwide Security. We only use products by the finest names in home security, such as Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) and Honeywell. Additionally, we are UL certified for burglar alarms, meaning our products have been third-party tested to meet specific Standards for Safety.

Wireless Home Security Backed by an Award-winning Command Center

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and your property. With our wireless home security systems, you have our award-winning Central Command Center monitoring your home around the clock to ensure swift action is taken when necessary.

Nationwide Security Corporation is one of the leading providers of wireless home security systems for a reason: We provide some of the most advanced technologies and back them with the finest command center in the industry. Don’t take a chance on your family’s safety; contact us today for a free quote on a wireless home alarm system.