What Is the Best System for Securing Municipal Buildings?

Municipal buildings present a unique security challenge largely unmatched by buildings of similar sizes. Not only are they open to the public throughout a large portion of the day, but they are a much more likely target for threats of all kinds. As a result, these two characteristics mesh to create a unique dilemma for those wishing to secure them.

Many municipal buildings are staffed by dozens of employees and visited hundreds of outsiders per day. This, in addition to the fact that these buildings are often historical in nature, makes their inherent security issues more complicated. As a result, it’s crucial to take a multi-tiered approach to municipal building security.

Municipal Building Security Considerations

No two public buildings are alike, and it’s important to consider the different security concerns that come with each. However, this brief list of considerations applies to most municipal buildings and can serve as the foundation for a broader security plan:

Entry Breaches

Since most municipal buildings are open to the public, it’s crucial to understand that a large portion of potential threats come from the outside. Individuals may seek to enter the building to harm employees or the public, or even to cause damage to the building itself. For this reason, municipal buildings need to have a controlled entry system.

Turnstiles and controlled revolving doors can prevent too many people from accessing the building at one time and allow security personnel to review each visitor accurately. For ultimate protection, municipal buildings can install access control points to only allow credentialed employees. Additionally, metal detectors and security scanners can prohibit individuals with weapons or contraband from entering.

Theft and Information Breaches

While a primary way to prevent theft is by installing intrusion alarms, access control systems should extend far past the front doors. Many municipal buildings house paper and electronic data, records, and more, most of which are restricted from public access. Including access control points that require keycards or biometric recognition for offices and rooms containing sensitive material is key to mitigating theft.

Preventive Monitoring and Post-Incident Review

Surveillance systems provide the means to monitor employees and visitors alike, allowing security staff to watch for concerning behavior and prevent issues. After a security incident, video surveillance can offer key insights into the events that unfolded. Additionally, the presence of surveillance cameras acts as a deterrent to many would-be thieves and vandals.

Communication Issues

During an incident of any type, employees, security managers, and officials must maintain communication to stay informed and take appropriate action. Crisis communication systems (such as intercoms) should be present throughout the building’s interior and exterior. Employees should also have access to alarm systems that can alert the authorities of an incident.

Physical Hazards

As with other types of public buildings, municipal buildings experience increased fire and carbon monoxide risks. However, installing fire alarms is only the first step in creating true building security. A fire protection system utilizes pull stations, fire alarms, and smoke detectors, as well as notification systems for employee evacuation and other official orders.

Secure Municipal Buildings with Help from Nationwide Security Corporation

Municipal buildings differ based on their use and location. This means that their security needs will vary, too. Therefore, it’s essential to build a security system that addresses all of the risks associated with your building. That way, visitors and employees can have greater peace of mind knowing that they are safe (and that their personal information is, too).

Nationwide Security Corporation has been designing and installing custom security systems for buildings of all types and sizes since 1983. Our expert team can assess the threats unique to these public structures and continue to provide insights and solutions as they evolve. For more information about municipal building security or to request a free security risk assessment or cost estimate, contact us today.

Fully Integrated Health Care & Hospital Security Systems

From insurance fraud to identity theft, medical facilities of every variety are vulnerable to attacks from any and all directions. Larger hospitals have the name recognition and resources to make any criminal sit up and take notice. However, smaller facilities are also a target for opportunists as well – especially if their systems are outdated. From nursing homes to walk-in clinics and hospices, each facility is responsible for protecting sensitive financial, medical, and demographic information.

Whether physical or virtual, each facility should assess the state of their system based on both their size and functionality. A small clinic may only see a dozen patients on any given day while a large hospital may see thousands over the course of a single week. A breach would be devastating for both facilities, but the cost of damage control will be far more involved in the case of a larger operation.

Some facilities face higher stakes when information is compromised. For example, a mental health facility with multiple locations may suffer more severe consequences than a small, stand-alone dental clinic.

Learn more about what it takes to defend your organization based on its unique needs.

Custom Security Systems for Hospitals, Walk-In Clinics & More

If you’re looking for a security system installation company, it’s best to choose one that understands the importance of customization and integration. Your system needs to button up all of the potential security holes that every organization undoubtedly has (even if they aren’t readily apparent). If a hospital security system is insufficient, you will lose precious time between the initial appearance of a threat and its resulting response.

A fully integrated system may include some combination of the following:

  • Access Control – Control over the physical boundaries in your facility is paramount to achieving proper security. A proximity access card or smart card gives employees a convenient way to access certain parts of the facility. This type of access control system can’t prevent all unauthorized access, but it can limit the odds of someone entering an area they shouldn’t.
  • Metal Detectors – While certainly not appropriate for every location, metal detector installation is an effective way to scan all individuals who enter the facility, and they’re also a tangible deterrent to outsiders. The combination of security doors, door access control, and metal detectors shows would-be criminals that the facility is serious about security.
  • Panic Alarm System – Panic alarms give people the instant notifications they need to ready themselves in the event of an immediate threat. They provide a security team with the knowledge they need to limit destruction or damage within the facility.
  • Intercom Systems – A full-building intercom system installation may not be necessary for a small walk-in clinic, but it may be an asset for bigger facilities with a large force of security personnel. These systems can alert employees, patients, and fellow security officials of emergency situations and provide instructions.
  • Video Surveillance – Whether inside or outside, video surveillance installation shows the patterns of employees and patients, making it easier to spot a criminal act before it even happens. In addition, video surveillance is critical for after event verification to lessen the impact of any crime.
  • Fire Alarm Systems – A sophisticated fire alarm system installation will only sound when there’s a real threat, cutting back on time and energy lost on false alerts. It’s the best way to stop the threat before it turns into a full-scale disaster.

Each component of the overall system can be controlled from one or more rooms in the facility, depending on the size of your organization. This allows a security team to monitor the entire facility, so they always feel in control of the situation. Nationwide Security Corporation makes sure that each system caters to the needs of the facility, and we’re fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements. Security systems for hospitals and medical facilities can be the key to a facility’s success.

Scaling Down Security Systems for Stand Alone Health Care Building

Scaling a security system to fit the needs of a smaller facility starts with understanding how small operations function on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to conserve the budget as much as possible without leaving the door open to an unauthorized party. For example, a small blood bank staffed with a few select employees may not have a need for a metal detector at the door but could benefit from video surveillance during off hours.

The best part of scaling a system down is that it makes the components more affordable for the business. Whether it’s a private pediatrician or a medium-sized nursing home, these affordable security systems provides peace of mind for the patients, employees, and leaders of the organization. Nationwide Security is adept at designing custom security systems for health care facilities of any size. We give you the security infrastructure you need to feel safe and secure 24/7.

Nationwide’s Promise

Nationwide has been installing security systems since 1983, and we take pride in our ability to adapt to our customer’s needs. As modern threats emerge and evolve, we advance our systems along with them. Whether you treat one or 100 patients, we protect each client with the precise level of security they need. If you’re interested in a free security system installation cost estimate or a security risk assessment, .

Top Five Benefits of an Integrated Security System

Modern businesses face constant security issues due to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and even physical threats. As a business grows, it must develop its security, too. Larger enterprises need reliable safety measures in place, and companies that focus too much on expansion before security may be saddled with issues down the road. Scrambling to compile reliable protection for a large company is a challenge, especially when businesses fail to grow their security assets alongside their business.

Real-time security monitoring and CCTV security camera installation is a good start, but it’s not enough. Rather, installing an integrated security system may be the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Unlike legacy security options, an integrated system helps companies avoid common snags. These systems offer tremendous value and help organizations maintain their operations and grow their enterprises without losing valuable time and resources.

What Is an Integrated Security System?

Instead of using individual elements that may have compatibility issues, an integrated system brings all aspects of a company’s security into a single hub. Splitting security responsibilities between multiple parties or simply sticking with legacy systems for too long can create major problems for modern businesses. Integrated solutions create intuitive and customizable hubs, allowing a business’s personnel a clear view of the company’s network environment and potential vulnerabilities.

Some companies face physical threats like theft and break-ins. Others must deal with digital risks from hackers who attempt to obtain sensitive information to sell on the dark web. Some companies encounter all types of issues and need holistic solutions for their physical and digital security concerns. An integrated system can be ideal for virtually any company, but many modern businesses don’t quite grasp the value of these services. They may balk at the initial cost of implementing an integrated solution without realizing the long-term savings it could provide.

If your company needs solutions to increasingly complex enterprise security problems, consider the following benefits of integrated security systems.

1. Custom Security Systems

A company with one physical office and a few personnel will require very different safety measures than an enterprise with multiple locations across the globe and thousands of employees. Perhaps the most significant benefit of investing in an integrated security system is that it can be designed specifically for the client’s business. Companies offering boxed enterprise security solutions simply cannot account for all of the unique issues that different companies might face.

Nationwide Security Corporation is a top security company in CT (offering services across the US). We help our clients develop unique integrated security solutions to fit their exact operational needs. We understand that the growing influence of digital disruption, the Internet of Things, and cutting-edge technologies play major roles in many enterprises. Integrated security solutions are crucial for businesses of all sizes and in all industries in today’s ever-changing digital environment.

2. Centralized Network Security

When your enterprise invests in an integrated system, you will no longer need to coordinate resolutions to IT issues and security problems across multiple partners and service providers. An integrated security system creates centralized access control, providing easy monitoring of numerous facilities and other aspects of the enterprise.

Nationwide Security Corporation can help you centralize network security so your personnel can monitor multiple aspects of your enterprise from one location. We’ll start with our security consulting services to help you identify your operation’s biggest vulnerabilities. Then, we will develop a fully customized security plan to address those issues with holistic protection and ongoing support.

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Your business shouldn’t wait for the damage from a security breach to appear before addressing the issue. An integrated security system offers real-time monitoring, allowing your personnel to streamline their work processes and check on various aspects of your enterprise with the click of a button.

Instead of trying to find a standard alarm company in CT, consider the possibility of assimilating your alarm into your company’s overall security environment with an integrated system. Most alarm monitoring companies offer physical monitoring services. However, few can provide full customization for your business’s unique needs, especially if you operate multiple facilities in different locations.

4. Ease of Use

An undeniable perk of integrated business security systems is peace of mind. An easy-to-use, centralized, and fully customizable system can prevent internal conflicts and reduce the struggles of ensuring enterprise security from all possible angles. Instead of devoting resources to solving common security issues time and time again, an integrated system allows companies to address problems immediately and prevent them from recurring.

Integrated solutions also offer remote access, which allows security teams to maintain oversight at all times. That way, business facilities can be monitored from any location, and issues can be addressed as soon as they appear. Personnel can also easily locate access history reports and implement access changes with ease thanks to integrated security services.

5. Financial Benefits of Security System Integration

When it comes to security, you still have to keep your bottom line in mind. An integrated system can reduce overhead by improving your overall protection. Eventually, your integrated solutions could automate most aspects of your enterprise’s security. This would allow you to address issues quickly and effectively with easy coordination and streamlined processes for personnel. Most companies that choose to invest in security system integration find that the overall savings eclipse the upfront costs.

Work with Reliable and Experienced Security Consultants
All businesses – and the people who run them – are busy. However, saving time by ignoring integrated security systems could slow down those businesses for good. Many business owners focus so intently on growing their enterprises that they often allow security vulnerabilities to slip through the cracks. This can create significant problems for the company’s future if left unchecked.

Nationwide Security Corporation understands the unique challenges businesses face in all industries. Coordinating enterprise security has never been more difficult, and companies must carefully weigh their options for security solutions.

Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about how our integrated solutions could improve your workflow and streamline work processes for your security personnel.

Keeping Students Safe with Advanced University Campus Security Systems  

Today, universities have more security threats to worry about than those of the past. From identity theft and natural disasters to random acts of terrorism, colleges are tasked with protecting their students and giving them a safe place to learn and grow.

This is why more campuses are seeking out comprehensive security systems rather than relying on the piecemeal solutions that once dominated the industry. The components of these systems work together to strengthen one another, resulting in an integrated framework that anyone can use.

If you’re looking for ways to improve security on college campuses, see how these advanced campus security systems are providing new benefits that universities can’t ignore.

Interconnected, On-site Security Systems

When it comes to a school security system, connectivity is key to containing the threat. The system needs to be able to update people in real-time, whether they’re witnessing the event take place or they’re safely tucked away in a building across campus.

Today’s interoperability security systems can communicate with each other both on-site and off. It gives students and faculty the warnings and updates they need to take control. These benefits also help security officials adjust emergency protocol as the situation develops.

University security systems can also help streamline access to different parts of campus with the help of smart cards. These campus access cards contain magnetic strip proximity

technology that will activate sensors located outside a building. The card proves the student’s identity, allowing only authorized parties into different buildings on the campus. All they have to do is tap their card to enter, streamlining security and reducing the need for individual ID checks or searches.

Finally, the right security systems will provide the training individuals need to work with the system. Whether it’s the Security Director or the weekend guard on the night shift, it’s crucial for all authorized users to understand the system. If technology is too complicated, those who monitor it may either misuse it or ignore its advanced features altogether.

Choosing a user-friendly system paired with comprehensive training gives universities their best chance of defense. But a campus security company in CT and RI has more than just the staff to consider — they also have to find ways to directly help students when there’s no one around.

Instant Help for Students with Emergency Communication Pedestals on Campus

Not even the best security system in the world can prevent all outside threats. However, it is possible for security systems at schools and universities to provide more help to students in a time of crisis. And while colleges should empower students to defend themselves whenever necessary, they should also give them the assistance they need when they need it the most.

Colleges today can provide intercom security utilizing emergency communication pedestals that can include all types of enclosures, intercoms, and lights. Students can push a button to get the help they need. These special pedestals can be installed all over campus, giving students a way to contact emergency services immediately.

Today’s technology can proactively deploy services and limit the number of negative incidents on campus. College campus security issues can pose complex logistical problems for standard emergency plans, but campus security solutions are available to make your responses more effective.

Nationwide Security Services for Universities

Choosing a security system can be overwhelming for any institution — especially considering how quickly technology evolves. Nationwide Security understands the hesitation and concerns that many universities have, which is why they offer comprehensive solutions with straightforward features and benefits. A security guard doesn’t want to remember a complicated login process when they’re facing an emergency; they want the technology to help them react faster than they could without it.

The most successful universities fold in both traditional in-house security and off-site monitoring. On-site security monitoring is necessary to catch threats quickly, but off-site security monitoring can help limit the impact of that threat before it reaches the edges of a university. It allows officials to get a clearer picture of what’s occurring both in and around the campus. So, if a threat is approaching, they have the opportunity to help mitigate the threat by utilizing the appropriate response.

Nationwide Security understands the unique concerns shared by university leaders. Keeping students safe on campus is a complex problem, but it is one that can be improved by implementing smarter technology.

If you’re looking for school security companies in CT and RI call Nationwide today to learn more about how we can help you find a solution that works.

Why Business Security Systems are Essential For Large and Small Companies

The right business security system has the power to catch criminals, suppress fires, and provide superior access control to the leaders of the company. But small business owners may believe that their organizations are manageable enough that they don’t need fancy gadgetry to keep track of what’s happening around the office. See why this is a myth, and how commercial security services work to keep you protected from the many variable factors of the universe.

1. Makes Your Business More Efficient With Video Surveillance

Being able to monitor the activity within an office isn’t always as easy as it seems. Even if you have only a few employees, there are patterns and habits that likely won’t emerge until you can take a step back and look at the big picture. If you have a variety of people coming in and out of your office on any given day, business security camera systems can make it easier to identify authorized individuals and watch their movements. Access control systems give you a way to see the activity that’s happening, so you can tighten up your processes wherever possible.

2. Helps Prevent Employee Theft and External Crime

There are a variety of ways for criminals to try to get around security systems for businesses, but why would they want to put in all the extra effort? From cameras to silent alarms, the last thing a criminal wants to do is risk being caught halfway through the act. The more complex your security systems are, the more likely it is that a criminal will move onto their next target. As for employees, they may also be less inclined to ‘game’ the system for their own benefit.

3. Minimizes Fire Damage with Fire Alarm Systems

Fires can stem from practically anywhere in the building. From faulty wiring to human error, even small flames can cause big problems. Smoke damage is notoriously difficult to remove, meaning small business owners would likely need to fully replace anything that was touched by it. The expense can be enough to shut down a small business — even with commercial business insurance. Fire protection systems for business can keep fire damage to the bare minimum so that you’re not burdened with the expense.

4. Keeps You in the Loop with Remote Monitoring

The last thing you want is to come to your office to discover that it has been violated or damaged somehow. Security systems prepare you for whatever may happen to your space, whether it’s 4 a.m. or 4 p.m. When you get the notifications you need, you have the chance to act before anything else can happen. You can manipulate intrusion alarm systems for windows, loading doors, and emergency exits, so you know you’re protected from every angle.

5. Gives You Complete Peace of Mind

In the end, there is no way to prevent every possible disaster that can happen on your property. However, the right access control systems can give you a lot more confidence in the safety of your livelihood. Plus, security systems are meant to save business owners a lot more than they cost. They give you full control over access to your business, and an effective course of action in case something does happen.

Having the right security system is worth far more than the cost of installation upkeep. If you’ve been neglecting your security, it’s time to start thinking long-term.

Security Services in CT & RI

At Nationwide Security Corporation, we do a lot more than just provide you with the security systems you need to keep your business safe in Connecticut and Rhode Island. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to make sure that every aspect of your safety and security is covered. From security monitoring to security consulting to security maintenance, we define what peace of mind is all about.

Security Consulting Services

With our security consulting services in RI and CT, you can get an expert opinion on a wide variety of security issues. We understand that not everyone has an in-house security specialist on staff, so we provide the help you need, on demand. Whether you want an in-depth risk assessment of your business, you want us to design an all-inclusive security system, or you need virtual security management, we offer the RI and CT security consulting services you seek.

Security Maintenance Plans

To keep your security system in prime condition, preventative maintenance is a must. With our CT and RI security maintenance plans, you can stay on top of the maintenance your system needs to ensure it operates at its best. We will evaluate your security system and put together a custom security maintenance plan, which will often include annual inspections and testing, software upgrades, and more. With one of our maintenance plans, you can stay on top of your system and avoid unexpected issues and hefty repair bills.

Security & Video Monitoring

Whether you need security monitoring, video monitoring, or both, Nationwide Security Corporation is here for you. Our security monitoring in CT and RI provides you with in-depth reports, showing you all alarm activity in an easy-to-read format, both online and in weekly emailed reports. We also provide UL Certified video monitoring so you can know for sure what is going on in your building all hours of the day, even from your mobile device.

Security System Training

To help your team quickly learn the ins and outs of your CT or RI security system, we provide hands-on training for all of our clients. We can go over just the basics, or you can enroll your team in our multiple-day training sessions that dig deep into the more complex parts of the security system. When your staff is done with our training, they will feel confident taking charge of the security system while you are away.

Fire & Life Safety Monitoring

When we say we monitor your system around the clock, we mean it. This means there is a never-ending link between our UL Central Station and your fire detection system in RI or CT, so we will know to send help at the very first sign of a fire. This ensures the least amount of damage to your business as possible.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Not only do regular fire alarm inspections keep your company safe, they keep you compliant. The government requires regular testing, and we can perform them as often as your local code dictates.

Make the most out of your RI or CT security system by taking advantage of our security consulting, video monitoring, and other security monitoring services. To learn more, contact us now.

Trust Nationwide for Fire Department and Police Station Security Systems in CT and RI

Nothing is more important than protecting those who protect our communities. At Nationwide Security Corporation, we provide police and firemen with high-tech, dependable, and specialized security systems to keep their government facilities in CT and RI safe.

Our integrated police station and fire department security systems combine the power of technology with advanced features to ensure reliable protection of the people who are paramount to the community. Additionally, Nationwide is proud to back up all of our fire department and police station security systems with our award-winning Central Command Station, further cementing our place as a top security provider in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

We Offer Comprehensive Access Control

It has never been more important for police stations and fire departments to be equipped with thorough and dependable access control. Our security access control for government facilities begins with the basics: alarms on every entry point and control of who is allowed to enter the building and when they are allowed to enter. We also provide complete perimeter security, which includes turnstiles and metal detectors.

We Provide Integrated Police Station and Fire Department Security Systems

There is no safety measure too small and no precaution too big when it comes to protecting the brave men and women who work at the police station or fire department. That’s why we offer fully integrated commercial security systems in RI and CT to ensure that every aspect of the government facility is covered. This includes the access control and burglar protection mentioned above, as well as fire prevention systems, intercoms, surveillance cameras, and more. We customize security systems as needed, and each can be controlled whether you are at the station, responding to a call, or are off duty. Contact us for a free quote on fire department and police station security systems.

Call Now for an In-depth Consultation from One of Our Police and Fire Department Security System Experts

If you are ready to upgrade your fire department or police station, contact Nationwide Security Corporation today. Our commercial security system experts will fully evaluate your station and determine a custom security system to will provide your government facility with the level of protection you desire. Once the system is installed, depend on our state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning command center to help eliminate threats.

Improving Security in your Retail Store

Internet security may make headlines, but physical security still matters, particularly if you are a retailer. Since shrinkage has a direct impact on your bottom line each year, taking the time to review your current security setup and look for any flaws can help you shore up your system and prevent theft.

5 Ways to Reduce Theft in your Retail Store

Don’t Hide your Security

Hidden cameras work wonders in some areas, but when it comes to stopping shoplifters, visible security measures act as a real deterrent. Some security cameras and other obvious signs that you are aware of and proactively work to prevent theft can help deter shoplifters. Signs warning potential thieves not to steal or that they are being filmed also act as a powerful deterrent and won’t turn off honest shoppers.

Empower Employees

A written policy will help your employees understand what to do (and what not to do) if they suspect a shoplifter. Providing your team with education on shoplifting and what they should do can help not only reduce your risk of theft but make sure that your team responds in a safe and appropriate way as well. Since some retail theft also comes from employees, boosting education and awareness of the potential penalties for theft can help reduce this risk as well.

Boost your Customer Service

Great customer service does more than just boost your sales and make visitors to your store feel at home – it can help reduce the amount of theft, too. By taking simple measures like greeting every customer and being aware of where they are, your team can make true customers feel welcome and reduce a shoplifter’s feeling of anonymity and ability to act undetected as well.

Invest in the Right Systems

A video surveillance system allows you to see all areas of your selling floor and back room and can help detect and deter theft. If you do not have a system or are experiencing inventory loss but can’t figure out where it is happening, a surveillance system could solve the mystery and stop the bleeding for good. Your cameras will be hard at work all day, every day and reviewing the videos can help you learn where your goods are going and determine what other measures you need to take to protect your inventory and staff.

Your physical premises need to be protected as well, since some retail theft happens when your store is closed. The right system will let you know when something is happening at your store and summon the authorities before a burglar has the chance to make off with your goods.

Whether you are worried about shoplifting or just want to make sure your investment is protected, we can help. Contact us to learn how easy it is to begin monitoring and protecting your retail store with the latest technology. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible return on your retail investment and to help you protect your business.

More Than Home Intrusion Alarms: Winter Home Safety Sensors

While you know you can rely on Nationwide to keep your home safe from intruders throughout the winter months, the cold weather and increased precipitation can also wreak havoc on your home. Oftentimes, all that is needed to prevent these natural occurrences from causing extreme damage to your home is prompt notification when something goes awry. At Nationwide, we provide complete home protection, not just intrusion alarms, to keep your home safe all winter long. Here are some of the ways our additional safety sensors can protect your home:

Prevent Freezing Pipes

When the weather turns cold, freezing pipes are always a concern. Even if you take the necessary preventative measures, freezing pipes can still occur. With our low-temperature safety sensors, you can be notified as soon as a pre-designated temperature is reached. That way, you can take the necessary action to keep the pipes from freezing completely, saving you a lot of hassle and money on repairs.

Detect Leaks or Floods

Another common occurrence during the winter months is leaky pipes or flooding. Whether it’s from overworked pipes or an influx of melting snow, a leak or flood can cause severe damage to your home it it’s not rectified immediately. Our water safety sensors will alert you the second it picks up on excess moisture, and it can even be set up to shut off the main water supply upon notification.

Identify Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Due to the colder temperatures, open windows are a rarity in the winter months. Combine this with the increase of fireplace usage, and carbon monoxide becomes a serious threat. As you know, carbon monoxide can be toxic—and even fatal—if not caught early enough. Our carbon monoxide detectors are connected to the rest of your home safety system, so you will know as soon as the amount of carbon monoxide in the air reaches a dangerous level so your family can get to safety.

Sense Increased Heat and Smoke

Fire is always a concern, but in the winter months, the fireplace and heating system being used put your home at an increased risk. Our fire alarms are ultra sensitive and can detect even the smallest environmental changes that could signify an impending fire. Once sensed, our fire alarms will automatically notify you so you can begin evacuating your family to safety.

With our comprehensive home safety sensors in place, not only will you feel safe from intruders, but you will feel secure knowing you will be aware of any impending dangers in your home. All of our safety sensors are backed by our around-the-clock monitoring and support, and can also be accessed from any connected mobile device.

Contact us today to learn more about how our safety sensors can flawlessly integrate with your home intrusion alarm for complete peace of mind all season long.

What is the Difference Between a Wireless and Cellular Alarm System?

If you are in the market for a house alarm, chances are you have heard about both a wireless home security system and a cellular alarm system. So are these the same things? Or are they completely different? The answer is somewhere in between.

By straight definition, wireless and cellular are very similar, meaning they both rely on radio signals to operate instead of using a physical wire connection. However, in the house alarm world, they refer to two separate things:

  • Wireless – A wireless home security system is one that does not require any wires for the sensors to communicate with the control panel. In other words, wireless refers to the connections between the alarm units inside your home.
  • Cellular – A cellular alarm system means that the control panel can communicate to sources outside of your home without any wires required. So there is no phone line necessary for your house alarm to contact the monitoring station. Cellular systems also allow for smartphone monitoring.

To further break it down, a wireless home security system allows you to wirelessly set up sensors throughout your home and have them alert your control panel through wireless signals. Your sensors are only wirelessly connected to your specific control panel via unique radio frequencies. Once the alarm is triggered, a cellular alarm system will notify the monitoring station via cellular links (similar to sending a text message) instead of using an internet connection or a landline phone. These cellular links also allow you to be notified about any activity on your smartphone.

Cellular and Wireless: Better Together

To truly have a wireless home security system, you technically require both a wireless and cellular alarm system. When they work together you get the ultimate security and peace of mind. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a house alarm with both wireless and cellular capabilities:

  • Since there are no wired connections required in any form, installation and daily use is a breeze.
  • The data transmission in a cellular and wireless home security system is quicker than a wired system.
  • With a cellular alarm system, a homeowner can be notified on the go if the wireless home security system detects any activity.
  • Cellular and wireless home security systems are safer and more dependable than those with phone or power lines because there are no wires for the intruder to disable.
  • A wireless and cellular alarm system will not be affected in a power outage.

While cellular alarm systems and wireless home security systems are referring to two separate things, the truth is that they work the best when used together. When all of the communication of your house alarm—both inside and out—is functional without wires or power, you can depend on it to work when you need it.

Contact Nationwide Security Corporation today to learn more about our cellular and wireless home security systems.