Security Services in CT & RI

At Nationwide Security Corporation, we do a lot more than just provide you with the security systems you need to keep your business safe in Connecticut and Rhode Island. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to make sure that every aspect of your safety and security is covered. From security monitoring to security consulting to security maintenance, we define what peace of mind is all about.

Security Consulting Services

With our security consulting services in RI and CT, you can get an expert opinion on a wide variety of security issues. We understand that not everyone has an in-house security specialist on staff, so we provide the help you need, on demand. Whether you want an in-depth risk assessment of your business, you want us to design an all-inclusive security system, or you need virtual security management, we offer the RI and CT security consulting services you seek.

Security Maintenance Plans

To keep your security system in prime condition, preventative maintenance is a must. With our CT and RI security maintenance plans, you can stay on top of the maintenance your system needs to ensure it operates at its best. We will evaluate your security system and put together a custom security maintenance plan, which will often include annual inspections and testing, software upgrades, and more. With one of our maintenance plans, you can stay on top of your system and avoid unexpected issues and hefty repair bills.

Security & Video Monitoring

Whether you need security monitoring, video monitoring, or both, Nationwide Security Corporation is here for you. Our security monitoring in CT and RI provides you with in-depth reports, showing you all alarm activity in an easy-to-read format, both online and in weekly emailed reports. We also provide UL Certified video monitoring so you can know for sure what is going on in your building all hours of the day, even from your mobile device.

Security System Training

To help your team quickly learn the ins and outs of your CT or RI security system, we provide hands-on training for all of our clients. We can go over just the basics, or you can enroll your team in our multiple-day training sessions that dig deep into the more complex parts of the security system. When your staff is done with our training, they will feel confident taking charge of the security system while you are away.

Fire & Life Safety Monitoring

When we say we monitor your system around the clock, we mean it. This means there is a never-ending link between our UL Central Station and your fire detection system in RI or CT, so we will know to send help at the very first sign of a fire. This ensures the least amount of damage to your business as possible.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Not only do regular fire alarm inspections keep your company safe, they keep you compliant. The government requires regular testing, and we can perform them as often as your local code dictates.

Make the most out of your RI or CT security system by taking advantage of our security consulting, video monitoring, and other security monitoring services. To learn more, contact us now.

Trust Nationwide for Fire Department and Police Station Security Systems in CT and RI

Nothing is more important than protecting those who protect our communities. At Nationwide Security Corporation, we provide police and firemen with high-tech, dependable, and specialized security systems to keep their government facilities in CT and RI safe.

Our integrated police station and fire department security systems combine the power of technology with advanced features to ensure reliable protection of the people who are paramount to the community. Additionally, Nationwide is proud to back up all of our fire department and police station security systems with our award-winning Central Command Station, further cementing our place as a top security provider in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

We Offer Comprehensive Access Control

It has never been more important for police stations and fire departments to be equipped with thorough and dependable access control. Our security access control for government facilities begins with the basics: alarms on every entry point and control of who is allowed to enter the building and when they are allowed to enter. We also provide complete perimeter security, which includes turnstiles and metal detectors.

We Provide Integrated Police Station and Fire Department Security Systems

There is no safety measure too small and no precaution too big when it comes to protecting the brave men and women who work at the police station or fire department. That’s why we offer fully integrated commercial security systems in RI and CT to ensure that every aspect of the government facility is covered. This includes the access control and burglar protection mentioned above, as well as fire prevention systems, intercoms, surveillance cameras, and more. We customize security systems as needed, and each can be controlled whether you are at the station, responding to a call, or are off duty. Contact us for a free quote on fire department and police station security systems.

Call Now for an In-depth Consultation from One of Our Police and Fire Department Security System Experts

If you are ready to upgrade your fire department or police station, contact Nationwide Security Corporation today. Our commercial security system experts will fully evaluate your station and determine a custom security system to will provide your government facility with the level of protection you desire. Once the system is installed, depend on our state-of-the-art equipment and award-winning command center to help eliminate threats.

Improving Security in your Retail Store

Internet security may make headlines, but physical security still matters, particularly if you are a retailer. Since shrinkage has a direct impact on your bottom line each year, taking the time to review your current security setup and look for any flaws can help you shore up your system and prevent theft.

5 Ways to Reduce Theft in your Retail Store

Don’t Hide your Security

Hidden cameras work wonders in some areas, but when it comes to stopping shoplifters, visible security measures act as a real deterrent. Some security cameras and other obvious signs that you are aware of and proactively work to prevent theft can help deter shoplifters. Signs warning potential thieves not to steal or that they are being filmed also act as a powerful deterrent and won’t turn off honest shoppers.

Empower Employees

A written policy will help your employees understand what to do (and what not to do) if they suspect a shoplifter. Providing your team with education on shoplifting and what they should do can help not only reduce your risk of theft but make sure that your team responds in a safe and appropriate way as well. Since some retail theft also comes from employees, boosting education and awareness of the potential penalties for theft can help reduce this risk as well.

Boost your Customer Service

Great customer service does more than just boost your sales and make visitors to your store feel at home – it can help reduce the amount of theft, too. By taking simple measures like greeting every customer and being aware of where they are, your team can make true customers feel welcome and reduce a shoplifter’s feeling of anonymity and ability to act undetected as well.

Invest in the Right Systems

A video surveillance system allows you to see all areas of your selling floor and back room and can help detect and deter theft. If you do not have a system or are experiencing inventory loss but can’t figure out where it is happening, a surveillance system could solve the mystery and stop the bleeding for good. Your cameras will be hard at work all day, every day and reviewing the videos can help you learn where your goods are going and determine what other measures you need to take to protect your inventory and staff.

Your physical premises need to be protected as well, since some retail theft happens when your store is closed. The right system will let you know when something is happening at your store and summon the authorities before a burglar has the chance to make off with your goods.

Whether you are worried about shoplifting or just want to make sure your investment is protected, we can help. Contact us to learn how easy it is to begin monitoring and protecting your retail store with the latest technology. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible return on your retail investment and to help you protect your business.

More Than Home Intrusion Alarms: Winter Home Safety Sensors

While you know you can rely on Nationwide to keep your home safe from intruders throughout the winter months, the cold weather and increased precipitation can also wreak havoc on your home. Oftentimes, all that is needed to prevent these natural occurrences from causing extreme damage to your home is prompt notification when something goes awry. At Nationwide, we provide complete home protection, not just intrusion alarms, to keep your home safe all winter long. Here are some of the ways our additional safety sensors can protect your home:

Prevent Freezing Pipes

When the weather turns cold, freezing pipes are always a concern. Even if you take the necessary preventative measures, freezing pipes can still occur. With our low-temperature safety sensors, you can be notified as soon as a pre-designated temperature is reached. That way, you can take the necessary action to keep the pipes from freezing completely, saving you a lot of hassle and money on repairs.

Detect Leaks or Floods

Another common occurrence during the winter months is leaky pipes or flooding. Whether it’s from overworked pipes or an influx of melting snow, a leak or flood can cause severe damage to your home it it’s not rectified immediately. Our water safety sensors will alert you the second it picks up on excess moisture, and it can even be set up to shut off the main water supply upon notification.

Identify Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Due to the colder temperatures, open windows are a rarity in the winter months. Combine this with the increase of fireplace usage, and carbon monoxide becomes a serious threat. As you know, carbon monoxide can be toxic—and even fatal—if not caught early enough. Our carbon monoxide detectors are connected to the rest of your home safety system, so you will know as soon as the amount of carbon monoxide in the air reaches a dangerous level so your family can get to safety.

Sense Increased Heat and Smoke

Fire is always a concern, but in the winter months, the fireplace and heating system being used put your home at an increased risk. Our fire alarms are ultra sensitive and can detect even the smallest environmental changes that could signify an impending fire. Once sensed, our fire alarms will automatically notify you so you can begin evacuating your family to safety.

With our comprehensive home safety sensors in place, not only will you feel safe from intruders, but you will feel secure knowing you will be aware of any impending dangers in your home. All of our safety sensors are backed by our around-the-clock monitoring and support, and can also be accessed from any connected mobile device.

Contact us today to learn more about how our safety sensors can flawlessly integrate with your home intrusion alarm for complete peace of mind all season long.

What is the Difference Between a Wireless and Cellular Alarm System?

If you are in the market for a house alarm, chances are you have heard about both a wireless home security system and a cellular alarm system. So are these the same things? Or are they completely different? The answer is somewhere in between.

By straight definition, wireless and cellular are very similar, meaning they both rely on radio signals to operate instead of using a physical wire connection. However, in the house alarm world, they refer to two separate things:

  • Wireless – A wireless home security system is one that does not require any wires for the sensors to communicate with the control panel. In other words, wireless refers to the connections between the alarm units inside your home.
  • Cellular – A cellular alarm system means that the control panel can communicate to sources outside of your home without any wires required. So there is no phone line necessary for your house alarm to contact the monitoring station. Cellular systems also allow for smartphone monitoring.

To further break it down, a wireless home security system allows you to wirelessly set up sensors throughout your home and have them alert your control panel through wireless signals. Your sensors are only wirelessly connected to your specific control panel via unique radio frequencies. Once the alarm is triggered, a cellular alarm system will notify the monitoring station via cellular links (similar to sending a text message) instead of using an internet connection or a landline phone. These cellular links also allow you to be notified about any activity on your smartphone.

Cellular and Wireless: Better Together

To truly have a wireless home security system, you technically require both a wireless and cellular alarm system. When they work together you get the ultimate security and peace of mind. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a house alarm with both wireless and cellular capabilities:

  • Since there are no wired connections required in any form, installation and daily use is a breeze.
  • The data transmission in a cellular and wireless home security system is quicker than a wired system.
  • With a cellular alarm system, a homeowner can be notified on the go if the wireless home security system detects any activity.
  • Cellular and wireless home security systems are safer and more dependable than those with phone or power lines because there are no wires for the intruder to disable.
  • A wireless and cellular alarm system will not be affected in a power outage.

While cellular alarm systems and wireless home security systems are referring to two separate things, the truth is that they work the best when used together. When all of the communication of your house alarm—both inside and out—is functional without wires or power, you can depend on it to work when you need it.

Contact Nationwide Security Corporation today to learn more about our cellular and wireless home security systems.

Home Security Tips: What to Look for in a Home Alarm System in 2016

When choosing a home alarm system for your family, it is crucial that you choose an alarm system with all of the features that are essential to stay safe. Additionally, you need to make sure the home alarm company providing the home security will be there when a crisis strikes. To help you choose the best home alarm system for you, these are the features to look for:

Ability to Update Home Security Technology

Technology is ever changing, and the home security industry is no exception. When choosing a home security system, make sure you will be able to update or upgrade the software when newer technology is available. With the Digital Monitoring Products at Nationwide, you can remotely update your home alarm system to incorporate the newest technologies. This allows you to keep your family safe without having to pay for a complete upgrade to obsolete equipment.

Reliable Home Alarm Systems

Of course, a home alarm system does no good if it doesn’t work when you need it. Our integrated home security systems use advanced technology and fewer components to effectively protect your home, which means you can count on your home alarm system to work in an emergency.

Customizable Intrusion Alarms

Not every home has the same needs every moment of every day. It’s important that a home security system allows the user to create custom patrol areas on demand. With Nationwide, our home alarm systems allow you to choose which alarm sensors you want activated at any given time. You can also choose from a variety of control panel designs to ensure your home alarm system coordinates with your design style.

False Alarm Protection

When an alarm goes off, it is not always immediately clear if it was triggered falsely. However, with today’s average alarm, if you disarm it to check, the entire system will turn off. On the contrary, the home security systems from Nationwide will still remain active even if you silence the alarm, giving you the chance to confirm an intrusion while staying protected.

Integrated Emergency Alarms

As you know, a break-in is not the only problem your home can face. There are also fires and carbon monoxide leaks to be concerned with. To give you complete peace-of-mind, you will want a home alarm system that also monitors for these emergencies (like the ones at Nationwide).

Continuous Support and Monitoring

Just because you go to bed, that doesn’t mean your home will stay safe. You need a home security system that will monitor your home no matter what time of day it is. You also need a company that respects your right to privacy, which is exactly what you get with Nationwide Security Corporation. Day or night, and even on holidays, you can rest easy knowing our Central Station is monitoring your home in real time.

On-the-go Peace of Mind

Being able to keep an eye on your home alarm system no matter where you are is another vital feature to look for. That way, you can relax knowing your home is secure. At Nationwide, our home security systems let you monitor your home through your smartphone. You can also get mobile alerts when a door is opened or closed, letting you know your family arrived home safely.

Contact Our Connecticut Home Security System Company

If you want a home alarm system with all of these important features, contact Nationwide Security Corporation today. We would love to discuss our innovative technologies with you and show you how we can keep your family safe.

6 Home Security Tips to Keep You Safe for the Holidays

To you, the holiday season may be all about spending time with family and giving gifts to those you love, but to burglars, it’s all about striking the jackpot. With a lot of people traveling, and a lot of valuables up for display, it’s a prime time for them to break into homes and make out like bandits. By following these home security tips, you can reduce your Connecticut home’s attraction to criminals and keep your holiday season merry and bright.

Watch the Windows

As exciting as it is to pull up to your home in the evening and see your gorgeous Christmas tree from the curb, this is just like tantalizing a dog with a bone. When you can see the Christmas tree lit inside of your home, so can burglars. It may be hard for them to resist the temptation of breaking in to get some of the goods for themselves.

Use Exterior Outlets

Speaking of windows, a crucial step of house security is to make sure you don’t keep any of yours open in order to run an extension cord through them. No lock means way-too-easy access for someone looking for a simple score. If you don’t have any exterior outlets, hire an electrician to come install one, or just skip the outdoor lights altogether. It’s not worth the risk.

Incorporate Light Timers

If you do have exterior lights, make sure that you install timers with every strand. That way, your lights will go on and off at the same time each night, so the burglar won’t you aren’t actually home.

Schedule a Mail Hold

If you are headed away from your Connecticut home for the holidays, you must put your mail on hold before you leave. By following this home security tip, you can make sure that your mail won’t stack up, making it obvious that you are away. An even better option for house security is to have a friend or neighbor stop by your CT home to collect the mail and check for any newspapers or solicitations tucked into your door.

Stay Silent Online

No matter how amazing you think your privacy settings are online, our next holiday home security tip is to always play it safe by staying quiet on your social media accounts. Wait until you are back home to brag about your incredible vacation so that criminals don’t know when your Connecticut home will be empty.

Secure Your Home

Out of all of our holiday home security tips, the most important is to install a home security system. Even if you don’t let the burglars know when you will be away, or what you have inside, a house security system is the only way to ensure you will get the help you need should a break-in occur. And with options like our smartphone home security management and video surveillance, you can even keep an eye on things while you are away from your CT home so that you can just focus on the fun you are having.

At Nationwide Security Corporation, your family’s safety is a top priority, especially during the holiday season. To make sure your Connecticut home security is as solid as it needs to be, contact us today.

These 2 Steps could Save Your Life in a House Fire

October is Fire Prevention Month, which is an expanded version of the National Fire Prevention Association’s (NFPA) Fire Prevention Week. As home security professionals, the staff at Nationwide Security Systems would like to take this opportunity to provide information and household fire safety tips for our clients and the local Connecticut community.

Focus on Home Fire Safety: October is the Ideal Time

As the month of October begins, homeowners typically start thinking of Halloween costumes and parties, along with the coming holiday season ahead, and (hopefully) some vacation time during the season. These activities and occasions bring up specific fire dangers, especially when combined with the increased use of fireplaces, gas heating systems and portable heaters in wintertime. All in all, it’s a perfect time of year to talk about fire safety in and around your home.

House Fires in Recent Times

House Fire Facts

  • Household fires are more common than you might think–and they can be deadly. On average, 8 people per day die in home fires across the US, according to the latest NFPA figures.

  • Nearly 40 people are injured in these residential fires (in addition to the deaths) and the annual property damage amounts to $7 billion, according to the Red Cross.

  • Fire deaths are increasing. Residential fire deaths actually went up 15% in 2013.

  • Smoke alarms are your most effective prevention tool, cutting the risk of death from fire in half.

Staying Safe at Home

The two basic home fire safety tips that the Red Cross is focusing on are:

1.) Installing Smoke Alarms

  • Set up your in-home fire warning system. Installing smoke alarms can help keep you safe in case of a fire, by giving you enough warning to exit the home.

  • Smoke detectors should be placed in your home’s bedrooms and the area outside the bedrooms, such as a common hallway between bedrooms.

  • Test your smoke alarms monthly and replace batteries annually. As Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern recently pointed out, “smoke alarms cut the risk of death from a fire in half.”

  • If the smoke alarm goes off, get out of the house as quickly as you can, before you become trapped or fall victim to smoke inhalation and pass out. To get ready for evacuation, see tip #2.

2.) Making an Escape Plan

  • Create your home fire escape plan: Take a few minutes right now to plan a fire escape route for your family at your home.

  • Practice following your fire escape route a couple times each year, so that it will be second nature if you are awakened by fire at the most common time (late night to early morning, when people are typically sound asleep. Keep in mind that half of all household fire deaths occur between 11 pm and 7 am when you are likely to be groggy and disoriented. The Red Cross estimates that you have 2 minutes to escape a house fire.

  • Map out two different paths from each room to the outdoors in case of fire.

  • Have escape ladders nearby for bedrooms on the second floor or higher up.

  • Choose a meeting place safely away from the home where everyone can gather to be accounted for.

  • Time your fire drill, practicing until everyone can complete it in under two minutes. A Red Cross’ survey showed that less than 20 percent of families with young children have practiced household fire drills. Don’t be one of those families. Avoid an unnecessary tragedy with these 2 simple steps for home fire safety.

If you need additional incentive to follow these safety tips, consider this: About 60% of those who died in household fires had no smoke alarm in their home, according to the most recent stats from the NFPA.

To learn more about keeping your home, family and business safe, visit our blog regularly or contact Nationwide Security Systems today.


Why Security Cameras for Your Connecticut Home?

Do homeowners here in Connecticut really need home security camera systems? After all, most residents would agree that CT is a great place to live and FBI stats say violent crime is decreasing. If your home happens to be burgled, however, the occurrence rate is 100% for you and your family—and at that point, statistics don’t matter too much.

Are You Confident that Your Family is Safe at Home?

We’re not trying to frighten you with this article. We simply believe that every family deserves to feel and be safe in their home; this has been the mission of our family-founded business since 1983. There are plenty of areas in Connecticut that are not as safe, of course. Looking at online tools such as this Connecticut neighborhood crime map can provide perspective. Still, points of view on the CT crime problem’s severity vary widely, depending upon whom you consult. Some in the media point to the significant gang problem in the state, as in this article from Business Insider, citing Bridgeport, New Haven, and Hartford as particularly plagued. In fact, they are placed within the 25 most dangerous US cities. Of course, gang members are not only notorious for violence and drugs, but also for burglary of local homes and businesses. Even if you feel that your home and family are not in the path of crime or and your belongings are not targets for criminals, home security cameras fulfill other valuable roles around the house.

Security Camera Systems for Peace of Mind and More in CT

When you have a state-of-the-art home camera system installed, you get added security and much more. There are many advantages of wireless home security cameras besides helping to catch criminals. Security systems for the home also deter crime, of course, making theft and property damage less likely as burglars tend to pass up camera-protected homes. When you have your own, professionally installed and monitored CCTV system, you also enjoy:

  • Protection for your property when you’re away at work or on vacation.

  • Protection for your family when at home — with different home and away settings that protect you while preventing false alarms.

  • Theft, trespass and break-in deterrence.

  • Notifications that a door (and which door) has been opened and closed, which could tell you that your children are home from school, for example.

  • Remote and mobile controls for convenience.

  • Professional monitoring 24/7/365 while maintaining your privacy.

  • Possible discount on homeowner’s insurance.

  • Resale incentive to homebuyers: your upgradable home security system means that new buyers won’t need to install a new NSC system.

  • Household emergency protection from dangers such as fire.

In addition to burglary and fire monitoring, home security cameras from NSC can be set up to provide or integrate with additional related services as needed, including: medical signaling, GPS tracking, 2-way voice systems and much more. Our home security experts will be happy to design a system to meet your needs.

At NSC, we’ve been providing household, business, school and governmental security systems for more than 30 years. For professional home security tips or to learn more about installing wireless home security cameras in your home – contact Nationwide Security Corporation online or call us at 203-785-0300.



10 Home Security Tips to Minimize Your Chances of Burglary

Home Security Tips

Did you know that a home without a security system is 2 to 3 times more likely to be burglarized? Home security statistics show that burglars will typically bypass a home if it requires too much effort, so to thwart thieves, here are 10 home security tips designed to make your house a less appealing target to burglary.

Use Locks on Doors & Windows

Thieves prefer an easy point of access and unlocked doors and windows are a great point of entry. One of the benefits of a home security system is the reminder they provide when windows/doors are left open or unlocked.

Don’t Be Loose With Your House Keys

While it may sound obvious, be cautious of who you lend your keys to. Keys can easily be replicated, so think twice before leaving a key for a repairman.

Don’t Brag About Your Vacation on Social Media

Burglars have admitted that they monitor social media to see who’s on vacation. Think twice about posting to Facebook or Twitter next time you’re headed to the airport.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Take a walk to the end of your driveway & approach your home as a would-be thief. Do you easily see anything you would want to steal? Consider moving attractive targets out of sight.

Don’t Advertise Valuables at the Curb

Finally get that new flat screen TV or computer you’ve been wanting? Don’t put the boxes by the curb for trash pickup – this can serve as an advertisement to people driving by. Instead, break down boxes and place them in trash bags or bins.

Don’t Let Mail/Newspapers Pile Up

Have you ever driven by a home and seen multiple newspapers sitting at the end of the driveway? You probably thought the homeowner(s) must be away – don’t let burglars think the same of your home. Arrange for nearby family or neighbors to pick up your mail when away for more than a couple days.

Store Valuables in a Safe

Again, the harder you make things for thieves the less likely you’ll be targeted. Keep valuables like cash and jewelry stashed in a locked safe.

Install a Home Security System

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a house without a home security system is 2-3 times more likely to be burglarized. Install a home security system to deter burglars from targeting your property.


Nationwide Security Corporation provides integrated security systems for home, business, government, utilities, schools and museums. For additional home security tips or to learn more about installing a security system in your home – Request a free quote today.