Fully Integrated Health Care & Hospital Security Systems

From insurance fraud to identity theft, medical facilities of every variety are vulnerable to attacks from any and all directions. Larger hospitals have the name recognition and resources to make any criminal sit up and take notice. However, smaller facilities are also a target for opportunists as well – especially if their systems are outdated. From nursing homes to walk-in clinics and hospices, each facility is responsible for protecting sensitive financial, medical, and demographic information.

Whether physical or virtual, each facility should assess the state of their system based on both their size and functionality. A small clinic may only see a dozen patients on any given day while a large hospital may see thousands over the course of a single week. A breach would be devastating for both facilities, but the cost of damage control will be far more involved in the case of a larger operation.

Some facilities face higher stakes when information is compromised. For example, a mental health facility with multiple locations may suffer more severe consequences than a small, stand-alone dental clinic.

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Custom Security Systems for Hospitals, Walk-In Clinics & More

If you’re looking for a security system installation company, it’s best to choose one that understands the importance of customization and integration. Your system needs to button up all of the potential security holes that every organization undoubtedly has (even if they aren’t readily apparent). If a hospital security system is insufficient, you will lose precious time between the initial appearance of a threat and its resulting response.

A fully integrated system may include some combination of the following:

  • Access Control – Control over the physical boundaries in your facility is paramount to achieving proper security. A proximity access card or smart card gives employees a convenient way to access certain parts of the facility. This type of access control system can’t prevent all unauthorized access, but it can limit the odds of someone entering an area they shouldn’t.
  • Metal Detectors – While certainly not appropriate for every location, metal detector installation is an effective way to scan all individuals who enter the facility, and they’re also a tangible deterrent to outsiders. The combination of security doors, door access control, and metal detectors shows would-be criminals that the facility is serious about security.
  • Panic Alarm System – Panic alarms give people the instant notifications they need to ready themselves in the event of an immediate threat. They provide a security team with the knowledge they need to limit destruction or damage within the facility.
  • Intercom Systems – A full-building intercom system installation may not be necessary for a small walk-in clinic, but it may be an asset for bigger facilities with a large force of security personnel. These systems can alert employees, patients, and fellow security officials of emergency situations and provide instructions.
  • Video Surveillance – Whether inside or outside, video surveillance installation shows the patterns of employees and patients, making it easier to spot a criminal act before it even happens. In addition, video surveillance is critical for after event verification to lessen the impact of any crime.
  • Fire Alarm Systems – A sophisticated fire alarm system installation will only sound when there’s a real threat, cutting back on time and energy lost on false alerts. It’s the best way to stop the threat before it turns into a full-scale disaster.

Each component of the overall system can be controlled from one or more rooms in the facility, depending on the size of your organization. This allows a security team to monitor the entire facility, so they always feel in control of the situation. Nationwide Security Corporation makes sure that each system caters to the needs of the facility, and we’re fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements. Security systems for hospitals and medical facilities can be the key to a facility’s success.

Scaling Down Security Systems for Stand Alone Health Care Building

Scaling a security system to fit the needs of a smaller facility starts with understanding how small operations function on a day-to-day basis. The goal is to conserve the budget as much as possible without leaving the door open to an unauthorized party. For example, a small blood bank staffed with a few select employees may not have a need for a metal detector at the door but could benefit from video surveillance during off hours.

The best part of scaling a system down is that it makes the components more affordable for the business. Whether it’s a private pediatrician or a medium-sized nursing home, these affordable security systems provides peace of mind for the patients, employees, and leaders of the organization. Nationwide Security is adept at designing custom security systems for health care facilities of any size. We give you the security infrastructure you need to feel safe and secure 24/7.

Nationwide’s Promise

Nationwide has been installing security systems since 1983, and we take pride in our ability to adapt to our customer’s needs. As modern threats emerge and evolve, we advance our systems along with them. Whether you treat one or 100 patients, we protect each client with the precise level of security they need. If you’re interested in a free security system installation cost estimate or a security risk assessment, .

Top Five Benefits of an Integrated Security System

Modern businesses face constant security issues due to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and even physical threats. As a business grows, it must develop its security, too. Larger enterprises need reliable safety measures in place, and companies that focus too much on expansion before security may be saddled with issues down the road. Scrambling to compile reliable protection for a large company is a challenge, especially when businesses fail to grow their security assets alongside their business.

Real-time security monitoring and CCTV security camera installation is a good start, but it’s not enough. Rather, installing an integrated security system may be the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Unlike legacy security options, an integrated system helps companies avoid common snags. These systems offer tremendous value and help organizations maintain their operations and grow their enterprises without losing valuable time and resources.

What Is an Integrated Security System?

Instead of using individual elements that may have compatibility issues, an integrated system brings all aspects of a company’s security into a single hub. Splitting security responsibilities between multiple parties or simply sticking with legacy systems for too long can create major problems for modern businesses. Integrated solutions create intuitive and customizable hubs, allowing a business’s personnel a clear view of the company’s network environment and potential vulnerabilities.

Some companies face physical threats like theft and break-ins. Others must deal with digital risks from hackers who attempt to obtain sensitive information to sell on the dark web. Some companies encounter all types of issues and need holistic solutions for their physical and digital security concerns. An integrated system can be ideal for virtually any company, but many modern businesses don’t quite grasp the value of these services. They may balk at the initial cost of implementing an integrated solution without realizing the long-term savings it could provide.

If your company needs solutions to increasingly complex enterprise security problems, consider the following benefits of integrated security systems.

1. Custom Security Systems

A company with one physical office and a few personnel will require very different safety measures than an enterprise with multiple locations across the globe and thousands of employees. Perhaps the most significant benefit of investing in an integrated security system is that it can be designed specifically for the client’s business. Companies offering boxed enterprise security solutions simply cannot account for all of the unique issues that different companies might face.

Nationwide Security Corporation is a top security company in CT (offering services across the US). We help our clients develop unique integrated security solutions to fit their exact operational needs. We understand that the growing influence of digital disruption, the Internet of Things, and cutting-edge technologies play major roles in many enterprises. Integrated security solutions are crucial for businesses of all sizes and in all industries in today’s ever-changing digital environment.

2. Centralized Network Security

When your enterprise invests in an integrated system, you will no longer need to coordinate resolutions to IT issues and security problems across multiple partners and service providers. An integrated security system creates centralized access control, providing easy monitoring of numerous facilities and other aspects of the enterprise.

Nationwide Security Corporation can help you centralize network security so your personnel can monitor multiple aspects of your enterprise from one location. We’ll start with our security consulting services to help you identify your operation’s biggest vulnerabilities. Then, we will develop a fully customized security plan to address those issues with holistic protection and ongoing support.

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Your business shouldn’t wait for the damage from a security breach to appear before addressing the issue. An integrated security system offers real-time monitoring, allowing your personnel to streamline their work processes and check on various aspects of your enterprise with the click of a button.

Instead of trying to find a standard alarm company in CT, consider the possibility of assimilating your alarm into your company’s overall security environment with an integrated system. Most alarm monitoring companies offer physical monitoring services. However, few can provide full customization for your business’s unique needs, especially if you operate multiple facilities in different locations.

4. Ease of Use

An undeniable perk of integrated business security systems is peace of mind. An easy-to-use, centralized, and fully customizable system can prevent internal conflicts and reduce the struggles of ensuring enterprise security from all possible angles. Instead of devoting resources to solving common security issues time and time again, an integrated system allows companies to address problems immediately and prevent them from recurring.

Integrated solutions also offer remote access, which allows security teams to maintain oversight at all times. That way, business facilities can be monitored from any location, and issues can be addressed as soon as they appear. Personnel can also easily locate access history reports and implement access changes with ease thanks to integrated security services.

5. Financial Benefits of Security System Integration

When it comes to security, you still have to keep your bottom line in mind. An integrated system can reduce overhead by improving your overall protection. Eventually, your integrated solutions could automate most aspects of your enterprise’s security. This would allow you to address issues quickly and effectively with easy coordination and streamlined processes for personnel. Most companies that choose to invest in security system integration find that the overall savings eclipse the upfront costs.

Work with Reliable and Experienced Security Consultants
All businesses – and the people who run them – are busy. However, saving time by ignoring integrated security systems could slow down those businesses for good. Many business owners focus so intently on growing their enterprises that they often allow security vulnerabilities to slip through the cracks. This can create significant problems for the company’s future if left unchecked.

Nationwide Security Corporation understands the unique challenges businesses face in all industries. Coordinating enterprise security has never been more difficult, and companies must carefully weigh their options for security solutions.

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