Security System Training for Your Business Staff

Having a security system installed in your business is a great idea, but it shouldn’t stop there.
Of course your security provider will watch over your business if you have video and monitoring services, but it is up to the employer to keep the staff up-to-par with using the system. Training your employees on how to use the security system may be a difficult task, but Nationwide Security Corporation (NSC) provides services to do the training for you.

Training Sessions

Regardless of how large or small your group of employees, the NCS team of will work with your employees and management teams to ensure your staff receives the training they need. If you want your employees to receive certified manufacturing training, NSC can provide those services as well.

Nationwide Security Corporation not only trains your employees about the security solutions you have installed, but we also allow your employees to get involved! Through our hands-on security system training, your employees will be allowed to arm and disarm the security system in front of us, allowing them to ask any questions about the equipment while a member of NSC is there. Your employees can ask our trainers about other services as well.

Do not install a security system inside of your business without getting your employees the proper training. You can choose which employees have access to the security system if you have any concerns about confidential information.

There are times when some thefts occur from the inside of the company, which is why you can pick and choose who is able to attend these security system training sessions, and who has access to the system.

To learn more about the security system training services provided by Nationwide Security Corporation, contact us today. A representative from our commercial division will be glad to speak with you. Call 203-785-0300.

Summer Safety for Your Kids and Your Home

You should have a home security system installed on your property year-round, but the summer months are that time of year when you not only need to beat the heat, but you need to secure your home.

Millions of children are left at home alone during the summer months due to school being out, and their parents being away at work. Even if you step away from your home to run an errand, a home security system gives you peace of mind while you are away from your children and home. It can also help keep your children and belongings safe from intruders.

24-Hour Protection

Being home with your children 24-hours a day is impossible, but that doesn’t mean your children are left completely alone. Nationwide Security Corporation (NSC) has a variety of home security options that you can choose from, and 24 hour home security monitoring is one of those exceptional services. When you sign up for this service, you will receive:

• Burglary Monitoring
• Fire Monitoring
• Help with Security System Issues
• Supervisory and Medical Signal
• Opening and Closing Reports
• GPS Tracking
• Two-Way Voice
• Cellular Backup
• and more…

We monitor your home while you are away at work, on vacation, or running an errand; however, with our system monitoring services, you also have the ability to keep track of activity inside your home from your web-enabled device, such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. You can actually disarm and arm the security system without being on your property.

Just because children go on summer break does not mean burglars do too. Keep your children safe by having a home security system installed on your property. Call Nationwide Security Corporation to learn more about the many services that could keep your kids safe this summer!