Safety for the Holidays

If you’re wondering what to get your family members, why not give them the gift of safety for the holidays?  Home security systems keep many families safe from burglars. When it pertains to protecting your family, home, and property, it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Perhaps you have been thinking about installing a home security system, but have not yet committed. Nationwide Security Corporation (NSC) is a home security systems company that believes installing a home security system is one of the wisest investment choices you can make. Here’s why: Your home is probably one of your favorite places. It is also where you store goods and valuables. While we would like to believe that home robberies are just something we see on television, the reality is that they can happen to anyone, at any time. Break-ins have been reported in nearly every city in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and have occurred in a number of smaller neighborhoods as well.

At NSC, we take pride in making residential properties safe and secure. Whether you want to monitor daily activity, or have peace of mind while you are away, we will equip your home with one of our state of the art Residential Safety Systems, which use cutting-edge Honeywell Products and software to deliver efficient and reliable protection.  These systems are very user friendly, and are controlled by a simple keypad, which comes in a variety of colors and designs to match your household décor. Additionally, our wireless home security systems can be monitored and controlled from computers and mobile devices, allowing you to monitor selected areas. You can monitor your home while you are out and about, or away on vacation. For ultimate peace of mind, parents can also receive alerts that their children have returned home safely from school, or other activities.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your family’s safety. Call us today to speak with an NSC consultant who can help you learn more about equipping your home with our custom security systems.

Veterans Day

Monday November 11th is Veterans Day. Remember to thank all the veterans you know for helping protect our freedom. To all veterans – we at NSC say thank you.


It has come to our attention that a flood of nationwide telemarketers are auto-dialing CT residents offering security alarm systems – nothing new.  However, now the initial messages have the callers identifying themselves using the name(s) of legitimate CT registered alarm companies “….this is Mike from Nationwide Security”… etc., please call me back.

My question is:   have you received calls at your home or office from out-of-state telemarketers using this ploy?    Are you currently being inundated with any telemarketing calls for security alarm systems?    Are you on a “no call list”.

Our association will bring this issue to the Attorney General’s office, however, to do so, we must submit documented telephone numbers and type of solicitation. If you have existing information available, please submit it to me immediately (call or email) and I will start a list of complaints.   If you receive future calls, please document any information you can (a return phone number, or push # for further information regarding security….etc.”) will provide for evidence for a case.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


Holiday Schedule

It is important to keep the Holiday schedule in your security system updated. Holiday schedules are used to override regular schedules eg: your front door is scheduled to unlock every weekday at 6AM. If that day is included your Holiday schedule the system will follow the Holiday schedule instead. It’s that time of the year to update the 2014 Holiday schedule. If you need help give us a call.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings time started last Saturday. While I hate the fact it gets dark so early I liked it being light early this morning on my way to the gym. Can’t have your cake and eat too I guess.

Systems have clocks in them for keeping a time stamp of events in their event buffer among other uses. Most systems automatically adjust for the new time but if yours is one that didn’t give us a call. Some systems we can update the clock from our office while others need to be done on-site. For those systems we can either send you instructions or guide you through the process over the phone. Give us a call.