Employee ID Badges

Effective 10/1/13 all NSC employees will be required to carry a Photo ID Badge. If there is any question of a person being an NSC employee please ask to see their company Photo ID.

This is a plain PVC non-access card so they cannot use this ID to give themselves access to any facility.


New NSC Client Web Portal

NSC’s new web portal for on-line account access is now available. You can review all open and closed invoices and service tickets as well as add new service tickets and pay invoices.

Simply go to www.nationwidesecuritycorp.com and click the Client Resources tab. Select “client account login”.  Select “Setup New Account” and complete the information form. You will need your customer number which you can find on your invoices. If you are not sure what it is please call the office.

If you would like us to walk you through the process please call.

Oregon Washington State Door to Door Salespeople

We are not affiliated with the Nationwide Security in Washington State. We receive numerous emails and phone calls regarding rude and threatening behavior from sales people going door to door. We do not canvass door to door nor do we conduct business in Washigton State. We conduct business in CT, RI and MA only. If this happens to you I recommend you call your local authorities.

Washington Navy Yard

Another tragic mass shooting! I cannot believe the failure of the systems, or lack of systems, that allowed this person to obtain, or keep, a “secret” security clearance. There were so many red flags for so many years that Aaron Alexis was a danger to society. As recent as a month ago he complained to police in Newport, Rhode Island he was hearing voices through the walls and ceiling of his hotel room and microwave vibrations were being sent into his body to deprive him of sleep. When we did work at the Navy base in Newport earlier in this year we had trouble getting on the base and were actually turned away once and had to leave because one new tech didn’t have proper clearance. Costly day for NSC but quickly corrected. One would think his clearance would have been denied but maybe clearance is not the biggest issue. Even more troubling was his ability to purchase a gun with all the documented mental issues he had. If he didn’t have clearance it probably would have happened somewhere else anyway. Just as it was with Sandy Hook the real problem seems to be dealing with mental health issues properly and sooner. Why is that not such a hot topic as gun control?


Smart Phone Security System Control

Newer security systems have the capability to be controlled remotely via smart phones, tablets, PC’s, etc. Recently there was a news report that someone can hack into a system that uses this feature and take control of the system. They aired a news clip of a reporter hacking into someones system. He was able to arm & disarm the system, turn on/off lights and control the thermostat. They didn’t reveal how he did it or what manufactures system it was, they just showed him doing it. The alarm owner was aware he was going to hack into his system and confirmed that he did if fact hack in. To everyone using this feature I recommend you rethink your user names and passwords. Use secure passwords with upper and lower case charactors, numbers and symbols. Do not use easy passwords such as birthdays, pet names, etc. Also, always log off your account when not using the remote control feature. For even added security make the user name hard as well.

There is only one problem with hard passwords-remembering them. Good Luck!


30TH Anniversary

This past July 2013 we celebrated our 30th year in business. This makes us one of the oldest security companies in the state that has remained independant with the same owner. Our plan is to remain independant for many years to come. Thank you to all our valued clients who put their faith and trust in us and supported us over the past 30 years. We will continue to work hard to earn your business.

Mike Viscuso, President